Members of Al-Nusra executed a civilian in Idlib.


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Sources reported that the militants of Al-Nusra carried out a new execution by firing against a civilian in Idlib.

The sources said that the “Al-Nusra’s” militants executed a civilian after they charged him with premeditated murder, and they said that he confessed to this during his interrogation in their prisons, while unconfirmed information was received about the implementation of similar sentences against other civilians.

The sources clarified that the execution of death sentences by Al-Nusra isn’t based on any laws or legislation, but rather on judgments given by leaders of Al-Nusra against the accused, who are subjected to various forms of torture and violations inside Al-Nusra prisons, and confessions are extracted from them under torture before that the judgments are enforced against them.

Al-Nusra practices all forms of violations against civilians in Idlib, according to local sources, its practices aren’t much different from what ISIS used to do in the areas it previously controlled, and despite the attempts of Al-Nusra to promote it as a moderate faction, its extremist practices and its crimes didn’t stop and continued violations against the civilians.

It’s noteworthy that “Al-Nusra’s” militants and the rest of the factions loyal to Turkey have been preventing civilians since 4 days ago from leaving through the “Tarnbah-Saraqib” corridors in Idlib countryside, and “Abu Al-Zendin” in the countryside of Aleppo, which were opened by the Syrian government to civilians wishing to go out towards areas of the Syrian army.

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