Merkel offers $1B for US LNG in Nord Stream 2 – Navalny GRAND BARGAIN


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Via National Review (…

The United States is trying to block Nord Stream 2, the pipeline that would increase Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas and undermine Ukraine’s position in the continent’s energy markets. But the Merkel government, which has fought strenuously to protect the project, thinks that U.S. opposition to Nord Stream 2 is just about its desire to sell Europe more natural gas.

At least, that’s the reasoning that underlies an extraordinary proposal that the German government apparently made to get the Trump administration to drop sanctions. The Financial Times reports:

Germany offered to spend up to €1bn to subsidise the construction of two liquid natural gas terminals capable of receiving US gas exports in exchange for Washington dropping its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.”

The Trump administration has opted for an aggressive approach that targets any entities involved in the project. So far, this has been successful, preventing a Swiss company involved in the construction from finishing the final portion of Nord Stream 2.

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