‘Monday Night Football’ Behind The Scenes: How Are The Graphics Made?


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We went behind the scenes of ‘Monday Night Football,’ and we got some great answers to how one of the biggest parts of the production is made on ESPN.

We talked with Brian Rahe, who is the 1st and 10 Graphics Operator, prior to the Redskins playing the Bears, about how all the magic comes together for the millions of people watching around the country watching.

It turns out getting the yellow line on the field to mark the first down spot is a lot harder than people realize.

Rahe, who works for SMT, explained to us in impressive fashion how they correct the colors and graphics on the field to get everything to flow perfectly.

Did you know the colors of the socks players are wearing and even sweat can have an impact? Well, that’s the case, and much more.

Watch Rahe’s explanation below.

I hope you guys enjoyed Rahe’s explanation as much as we did, and we have a lot more great “MNF” content coming your way.

We’ve got a lot of fun stuff heading your way, and major thanks to everybody at ESPN who helped put this together.

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