Must see: Explosive video exposes MI6 links to Alexei Navalny


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MI6 caught planning the funding of propaganda to encourage protests. The opposition is no victim he is a traitor who has been caught selling his Country out to the “elite”


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…lol…but that’s a Russian speciality that Putin knows very well…if it was not a man it would be a women (more common in this kind of activities)…any oposition to Putin is a traitor – we all know that…the Kremlin propaganda continues to operate as in the past…but no one can believe it and Putin days in the Kremlin are numbered…is management of the country is horrific and sordid…Russians can’t stand him anymore…

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A woman is used for a “honeytrap” this was a meeting which both parties knew what was to be discussed. As for “Russians can’t stand him anymore” where did you get your information from? BBC or CNN with their Russia, Russia, Russia propaganda.

The Pandemic of Persistent 'Realities'.

The Pandemic of Persistent ‘Realities’.

Exactly so. A ‘honey trap’ would only apply if the Russian were gay and the Brit Ford was an FSB agent.

This jp fellow is an obvious stooge with a propensity to twist rational thought into a pretzel, salted with salt peter. Nothing new in such tactics there. They’re well known to those who aren’t blind.


You are clearly an idiot. Crawl back under your rock, troll.

History on Charade

Easy on the koolaid there, fellow.

Silly is as Silly Does

I wouldn’t call them traitors. I’d use the more PC term of ‘domestic terrorists’. LOL

Donald Duck

Hardly news. MI6 has been working to undermine the Soviet Union / Russian Federation even as far back as when Churchill made his Fulton Missouri speech in 1947 – the beginning of the first Cold War. Acting as a US surrogate the UK has been the unsinkable aircraft carrier or, as in Orwell’s 1984 ‘Airstrip 1’ in the US dominated Oceania. Navalny, and the idiots who follow him, is just on the make as are his hid handlers in MI6, Bellingcat and the rest of the James Bond wannabees. Navalny sold out his country for hard cash, but the British… Read more »


The racist bigot russophobe UK Deep-State and Elites/Oligarchs cherrish + groom their hatred against everything Russian since the Crimean War.

Last edited 4 hours ago by Brokenspine66

The Pandemic of Persistent Realities

The Pandemic of Persistent Realities

The Brits are well on their way to becoming an insignificant island nation, yet they persist in all manners and ways to deny the outcome.

Beware the Jackal in the Bush

Beware the Jackal in the Bush

I’ll just bet Navalny et. al. have a hot line to Madhatter Albright and her disciples, who once declared Russia to be ‘too big’ and deserving of a civil war to balkanize it a bit.

I’m sure they had Navalny’s racist views on muslims and how that’d potentially foment a violent reaction in certain republics were he to rise to any prominence, especially after the Saudis so miserably failed in that venue.

Andriy Parubiy

I thought my racist views were the preferred ones in America’s Congress. Frankly, I have to admit I am extremely jealous over being relegated to number two.

The Merry-Go-Round of Useful Idiocy

The Merry-Go-Round of Useful Idiocy

We’ll do our best to get back to you if and when the time is ripe. Try not to murder too many civilians in the interim.

Jen Psaki, the Carnival Queen.


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State Treason” [275 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation]

Wes Baker

Never, ever underestimate the perfidiousness of Albion. They are probably the biggest gang of crooks outside Langley.

Sam Philip

Navalny is not a saint, it takes two to tango when it come to corruption. The West partnered with the corrupt oligarchs to benefit financially and to harm Russia. Ukraine is still the ultimate corrupt country under the supervision and leadership of the West. The 1% in the US, Uk and France are as corrupt at a much much larger scale. Time to take a look in the mirror.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


History on Charade

Duh…like any rational observer didn’t think that MI6 was involved up to their necks from the very beginning.

Costa-Gavras' sparse legacy

Costa-Gavras’ sparse legacy

One might view the new film Coup53 for hints on the US/UKs’ m.o.. Who knows, in 70 years Oliver Stone’s documentary on Ukraine Burning might even make it into a few select western theaters as well. Syria? Well, yet another candidate in the waiting.

It seems it takes about 70 years for even a small subset of Americans and others to feel comfortable and distanced enough to air their laundry and recognize their own dirty deeds.

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