My Debt to Yugoslavia


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If a man lives well in his homeland, he loves it. So I loved Yugoslavia. Evil people attacked Yugoslavia. It hurt me a lot. I used arguments to defend Yugoslavia to the extent of my abilities. Unfortunately, my words did not reach a lot of people, and therefore, couldn’t help. I have been a witness to the great injustice that the Western world imposed on Yugoslavia. I immediately realized that it could not have been a coincidence. Still, I did not know who was behind it, so I began my research with the causes and responsibilities for the war in Yugoslavia. Here I give a brief recapitulation of the most important observations, which are mostly unknown to the public. In 1990 the aggression was committed on Yugoslavia. It lasted for ten years. In this essay, I will try to present that the Rothschild family committed aggression. I wrote more about the Rothschild family in the article Has the Antichrist Come? The Rothschild family has built such enormous economic power in the last two hundred years that it can control the governments of the Western countries. They are trying to put under their control the whole world. And so the time came for Yugoslavia. The presented the result of my investigation in the order in which understanding dawned on me. I wrote it with the idea of making tomorrow better.

killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs. The new Croatian government tried to present Croatia to the world as a democratic country, but in practice, Croatia was a follower of the Independent State of Croatia, the racist genocide creation of Hitler in World War II. Croatian President, Franjo Tuđman, publicly said that the NDH was the eternal aspiration of the Croatian people. At the pre-election rally in 1990, Franjo Tuđman told that he was proud that his wife was neither Serb nor Jew. The new Croatian government introduced a new monetary bill called ‘Kuna’, which previously existed only in the NDH during the Second World War. In the Croatian city of Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Slavonski Brod, there is a street named after Mile Budak. He was a Croatian fascist ideologist in World War II who created a formula that states a third of the Serbs in Croatia should be killed, one third expelled, and the last third converted to the Catholic religion. It was not difficult for Serbs to recognize the new Croatian government, and they rebelled.

I lived in Croatia before the war started and witnessed the events that were happened there. The forces that lost World War II in Croatia were preparing revenge on Yugoslavia. Croats were preparing for the war quietly before openly speaking in the media. The new Government of Croatia did not even try to find any compromise with the Croatian Serbs, but acquired weapons in Hungary and tried forcibly to recover the territorial integrity of the republic. After that, the Krajina Serbs received weapons from the territorial defence forces, under the framework of the YFA, and resisted the Croatian armed forces. The low-intensity struggles started, and the YFA preserved the lines of separation.

In Croatia, I worked as a fire protection inspector for Interior Affairs of the City Zagreb. One day, on the eve of the war, my colleague came back from a meeting with the senior police chief, and transferred the message to our department in which there were about 20 inspectors – quote: “If any of you are members of the Serbian Democratic Party, you will be shot in the head.” All the policemen in Croatia probably heard this message. I have not ever been a member of any party, but this was too much for me. I resigned from the job and immediately left Croatia. While working as a police inspector in public companies, I often communicated with the company’s referents for national defence, and I heard from them that the Croatian Government was preparing a massive mobilization for the war in which I did not want to participate in any way. I was right, very soon after I departed from Croatia, I received a call for war mobilization. A lot of Serbs left Croatia because of this; many Croats did as well. Then, the Republic of Srpska Krajina prepared the war mobilization of people. A lot of Croats left Krajina because of it, and some Serbs as well.

Now you might be thinking that my colleague’s statement about getting shot in the head was a stylistic figure. Far from it. Not a few months passed since my refuge, when a man appeared on Serbian television, who claimed that the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Croatia, Milan Brezak, hired him to kill the President of Srpska Krajina, Milan Babić. As evidence, a recorded telephone conversation between them was presented. The opposition in Serbia quickly declared that the telephone conversation was a forgery done by President Slobodan Milošević. However, it was not a forgery. In fact, I recognized the voice of the telephone operator in the Republic Internal Affairs of Croatia.

The Croatian Government needed heavy weapons to return its lost territory of Srpska Krajina, and the guns were already there in Croatia, located in the YFA barracks. Therefore, it prepared an attack on the YFA barracks accusing the YFA of the aggression and the loss of their territory. The attack occurred on 25.08.1991. At that time, The Croatian television proudly reported that the first day of the war, 90% of the YFA objects fell to Croatia. That was true, but they were mostly abandoned buildings or facilities with little or no YFA soldiers. The YFA barracks were too hard to capture because they had heavy weapons and responded forcefully, although the soldiers in them were mostly recruited eighteen-year-olds. After that, the YFA had no other choice but to free its army by attacking the Croatian armed forces. It began in September of 1991, which ended with the destruction of Vukovar and the siege of Dubrovnik. Well-organized world propaganda accused the Serbs of the war in Croatia.

The YFA had always been preparing for aggression from outside, and it was incapable and unprepared for what followed. One YFA soldier who was dissatisfied by the way the war in Vukovar was led took an armoured vehicle and went to Belgrade, where he smashed several parked cars to attracted attention to his revolt. Nothing happened to him. A few months later, one American soldier in the United States did the same thing during peacetime conditions and got shot in the head without warning. That is the way most developed democratic countries solve such problems. That is the way they “protect” human rights, and thus, there are no rebellions.

The new Croatian government made master imputations. For example, on October 7, 1991, an explosion in the courtyard in the middle of the palace “Banski Dvori” in Zagreb demolished it. At this time, the Croatian President, Franjo Tuđman, Yugoslav President Stjepan Mesić, and the Yugoslav Prime Minister, Ante Marković (all Croats) were in the palace. Croatian authorities have accused the Yugoslav Federal Army of the attempted assassination on the democratically elected Croatian leaders. The YFA denied any involvement. Who lied here?

Attempting to murder a person by assassinating a building does not sound logical to me. Nobody was hurt inside the heavily demolished palace “Banski Dvori” despite being full of people, although a random passer-by was killed. How is it possible? On that day, a large number of senior employees of the “Banski Dvori” did not come to work, which is very strange, mainly because the President and Prime Minister of Yugoslavia came from Belgrade as guests. Before the explosion, Franjo Tudjman and his guests stayed in the large reception room. The room had two doors. One was destroyed in the blast, and the other one, beside which they all were sitting, was intact. Behind this door, there were two large safes placed in the middle of the room. The Croatian TV immediately broadcasted it after the explosion. The member of security said that the blast had moved these safes, which sounded illogical since chairs were not moved around. I immediately noticed that the safes were placed there to prevent the explosion from hurting President Tudjman and his guests. However, they all left the room and went to the opposite part of the “Banski Dvori” just before the explosion, where it could not have harmed them. This is presented in Croatia as a miracle, but I am convinced that everything was planned.

Who might have profited from the explosion? The next day Franjo Tudjman, under the pressure of this act, declared the independence of the Republic of Croatia. He also attracted many undecided Croats to his nationalist side and displayed the Yugoslav Federal Army as a gang of murderers. The Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, Ante Marković, returned to Belgrade to his alleged assassins the next day after the attack. It all says to me that the explosion in the Croat President’s Palace in Zagreb was the work of the President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman.

On December 7, 1991, five members of the special police unit of the Croatian republic killed the Zec family with a 14-year-old daughter, just because they were Serbs. They hadn’t even tried to hide their bodies; they just threw them in the dump. The murderers smoothly acknowledged all that they did to the Croatian Court but were released due to irregular judicial procedures. The irregularity consisted of the fact that the lawyer of the accused was not present in their interrogation. To me, the explanation was a transparent forgery. No one readily admits killing if it is not part of a secret plan. That’s why I think that the court had no intention to punish the murderers at all. The case was supposed to show the Serbs that the laws in Croatia were not related to them and that they should leave Croatia. After that, Croatian President, Franjo Tuđman, gave a medal for a heroic act in the war to Siniša Rimac, who was one of the killers of the Zec family.

In Croatia, such an ugly situation has been made for the Serbs, that two of about twenty of my former colleagues who were Serbs and worked with me in the Inspectorate for fire protection in Zagreb committed suicide or are presented like they committed suicide.

During the war in Croatia, the EU and the UN have been offering help to stop the fight. Many truces were established, but only when Croatia recognized that it could not win the YFA was the so-called Cyrus Vance plan accepted. Representatives of Yugoslavia, Croatia, Srpska Krajina and the UN signed the plan. According to this plan, the YFA withdrew from Croatia, Srpska Krajina was disarmed and came under the protection of UN military forces until the problem between the Serbs and Croats would be resolved through negotiations.

When peace was established, the Vatican and Germany committed unnecessary aggression on Yugoslavia silently on January 1992 by supporting the violent secession and recognizing Slovenia and Croatia as independent states. Was it revenge from World War II when Germany formed the Independent State of Croatia? However, other countries have followed suit. Thus, the borders of Yugoslavia have not been changed peacefully through mutual negotiations as required of international law (UN, Helsinki Convention) and the Constitution of the SFRY, but forcefully through international recognition of illegal secession.

Newly recognized Croatia did not accept anything less than the full reintegration of the Serb Krajina, which the Serbs refused to take. In 1995, the Croatian government mobilized the army to capture the territory of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, even though it was under UN protection. I don’t think something like that would have been possible without the support of more significant powers. At the time of the Croatian Army’s attack named the operation “Storm,” NATO aircraft destroyed Serbian communication and radars “by mistake.” According to Cyrus Vance Plan, Yugoslavia had had an obligation to protect the Srpska Krajina in case Croatia attacks it. Still, probably due to pressures from outside, that was not done.  Serbian Krajina had a vast desert territory, and fewer people than Croatia mobilized soldiers. Serbian Krajina was not able to defend itself so that the inhabitants left it.

The Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights claims that during the operation Storm, 677 civilians were killed, mostly older people who did not want to leave their homes. The Veritas Documentation-Information Center lists 1,205 killed or missing Serbian civilians, among them 522 women and 12 children. Twenty thousand houses were destroyed or burned.

The regime of President Tuđman ruined the birth house of the famous Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla, in the village Smiljan. His relatives were already dead. They were killed by the Ustase regime in August of 1941, together with the other Serbs of this village. Croatia is definitely a criminal creation supported by the most powerful countries and the UN. How is it possible?

The international community, very concerned when the YFA started to crush the Croat armed rebellion, was indifferent when the Serbs suffered the aggression. This was the most significant departure in Europe since the Second World War in which 200,000 Serbs, whose ancestors lived in Croatia for centuries, left Krajina in 1995.  Today, 400,000 fewer Serbs live in Croatia than before the war. Two-thirds of Serbs left Croatia or 8% of the Croatian population.

YFA Convoy attacked in Tuzla. These were the first vast crimes committed on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The international community hardly recorded it, and the criminals have never been trialled or charged in court. The Yugoslav Federal Army did not respond to the massacres in any way, even though it had the right to do so because it was attacked.

But the Serbs in Bosnia did not oblige to rest. In war, there is no possibility to blame and punish individuals for the atrocities done, so the crimes of individual blame go to their people. The Serbs owned a majority of the heavy weapons of the YFA that was located in Bosnia and Herzegovina because the Croatian and Bosnian soldiers and officers deserted from the YFA, leaving the heavy weapons to Serbs. If the separation and division of Yugoslavia were performed peacefully, the people would share all weapons. By possessing heavy weapons, Serbs in Bosnia occupied the territory they considered belonged to them relatively quickly. That is the reason well-organized propaganda around the world declared Serbs as aggressors.

The UN, led by the United States, accused Yugoslavia of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Yugoslavia was called to stop; otherwise, it would face the UN economic sanctions. While Yugoslavia did cooperate with the Bosnian Serbs at that time, it had no power to command them. Also, the Serbs in Bosnia did not have a significant interest in attacking them because they had mostly realized their war goals. Yugoslavia could not stop the Bosnian and Croatian army operations that were far more severe because they did not achieve their war goals. That was the reason the Bosnian government did not want to negotiate peace. The Bosnian authorities were those who did not allow anyone to leave Sarajevo. It was convenient to the Bosnian government to act like victims, but they did not suffer in any way. Bosniaks suffered quite a lot the same as the Croats and Serbs.

Shortly after the ultimatum, a massacre took place in Sarajevo in Vase Miskina street, where an explosion killed 17 people (Bosnians and Serbs) and wounded about a hundred. All Bosnian media, even today, unanimously accuse the Serbs of it. The Serbs have denied guilt the whole time, and even today, say that the Bosniaks made the explosion for the Serbs to be accused. In favour of it was the fact that the Bosnian television cameras came to the site of the crime in less than one minute. I would like to ask Bosnian authorities how that was possible? An independent investigation was never conducted. I think that the truth has to be found because otherwise, there would forever remain two versions of the massacre and the antagonism between the Serbs and Bosnians. If we judge it according to who made profits from that massacre, then the answer is the Bosnian government. After the recognition of the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the EU and the U.S., Bosniaks lost interest in the negotiations about the fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Lisbon. The massacre in Sarajevo gave them an excuse to stop the talks. The Serbs were declared as criminals all over the world, and the UN economic sanctions were imposed on Yugoslavia. After that, all the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina were tortured for three years, because the national leaders did not give up on their demands.

News February 17, 2014, The ICTY Tribunal in Hague: The grenades at Sarajevo Markale market (1994) were not shelled by Serbs but by the Muslim Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A former Bosnian Muslim policeman who was protected witness at the Hague Tribunal stated during his testimony in defence of Radovan Karadžić that the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovinafired the grenades at market Markale in Sarajevo by order of then-leader Alija Izetbegović, in Winter of 1994, which murdered 66 and left 140 people injured.

Now I will say a few words about the Serbian crimes. Local Serbs killed two hundred wounded Croatian soldiers captured in the Vukovar hospital after the fall of Vukovar. It was revenge. The executors of the crime were punished by lengthy prison sentences, but the order creator for this crime was not found. To me, the command to kill looks like a fraud of foreign secret services. Anyhow, the local Serbs were to blame. The YFA did not respond to it even though it had to because it commanded the entire operation. Although the Yugoslav Army had intense moral training, in practice, the moral declined together with the fall of Yugoslavia. Since the YFA did not react to it, the killing of prisoners spread to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This led to the greatest shame of the Serbian people. This originated the massacre in Srebrenica.

Srebrenica is a town in eastern Bosnia inhabited mostly by Bosniaks. The United Nations, led by the United States, declared the town as an UN-protected zone. Srebrenica was supposed to be demilitarized, but it was not. Srebrenica was a safe place for Bosniaks in which they were preparing attacks on the neighbouring Serb villages, where, according to the Serbian Orthodox church, they killed 3287 Serbs from 1992 to 1995. The Serbs were fed up with these attacks, so, in the summer of 1995, they attacked and occupied Srebrenica. On that occasion, the Serbs allegedly killed 8000 Muslim prisoners. The slaughter indeed happened there, but Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie, the first commander of the UN protection force in Bosnia and Herzegovina, claimed that the number of Bosniaks killed was considerably smaller.

After many years of search, a list of slightly more than 2,000 bodies of the Bosniaks found in and around of Srebrenica was delivered to the International Court in Hague. This number also includes the victims made in the three years of intensive fighting. Also, a list of about 5,000 Bosniaks who were reported missing was submitted to the Court. The Court in Hague accused the Serb leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, to have ordered the killings of captured Bosniaks. If that was true, then the Serbian Republic is a criminal creation and, as such, does not deserve to exist. On the other hand, this order would be crazy and counterproductive because the whole world watched them. Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić are still responsible for this act because they led the army of which they did not have enough control.

Norwegian film directors Ola Flyum and David Habdich investigated the massacre in Srebrenica and created a documentary film A Town Betrayed about it. Among other things, the movie presents at 28:10 the statement of the former Srebrenica Police Chief, Hakija Meholjić, who, together with other Bosnian delegates, attended the meeting with Alija Izetbegović in Sarajevo, before the massacre in Srebrenica happened. In the movie, Meholjić reports what Alija Izetbegović spoke of at this meeting. Izetbegović said: “President Clinton proposed to me, if the Četniks (Serbs) enter Srebrenica and slaughter 5,000 Muslims, there will be military intervention by NATO forces on the Serb positions throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. What do you think about that?”

The offer assumed the Bosnian military forces withdrew from Srebrenica, leaving Muslims to be killed by the Serb forces. This is something that happened even though different versions of it exist. But how did President Clinton know in advance that the Serb forces would do such a crime? The Serbs have never committed anything similar on such a scale in their whole history. President Clinton might have known that the massacre would happen only if his people had arranged it. Most likely, America had its agents in the Serb forces who made the killings occurred while the Serbian Army General Ratko Mladić was in Belgrade.

The accusation against the Serbs gave NATO an excuse to start bombing the Serbs in Bosnia. A month later, the Croatian Army carried out aggression called “Storm” on Srpska Krajina, which was also protected by the UN, and on that occasion, it killed 1,268 Serbs while 1,080 went missing, but NATO has not responded to it at all. Why does NATO have double standards? NATO did not stop bombing the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the Serbs signed a peace agreement in Dayton. Thus, the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the Dayton Agreement, the Serbs got the recognition of the Serbian Republic and 49% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is more than what they were offered by the Cutiller plan that they accepted before the beginning of the war. So why then was the war waged?


The U.N. economic sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia because of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina closed plants and led to the collapse of the Serbian and Montenegrin economy. Economic sanctions had a more substantial impact on the economy than war. Legal trade traffic across the border of Yugoslavia was utterly suspended, and all business operations had to go through smuggling tracks. Yugoslavia started to depend on criminals. That is how world powers today destroy disobedient states. This whole time, Yugoslavia took care of about an average of 500,000 refugees who had been expelled or run away from the secessionist republics.

Serbia and Montenegro remained under UN economic sanctions even after the peace agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in 1995. Why? The UN did not give a definite answer, but there were insinuations that the unsolved problem with the Kosovo and Metohija still existed. Serbs consider Kosovo and Metohija the cradle of their nation and their culture. Almost all Serbian medieval Monasteries are located there, while traces of old Albanian culture do not exist. It says to the Serbs that they are native people of Kosovo and Metohija and that it belongs to them.

The problems in Yugoslavia started in Kosovo and Metohija in the eighties. According to the Constitution of Kosovo and Metohija, which was created under the control of Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito in 1974, the province of Kosovo and Metohija has formally been in Serbia. Still, it has the same rights in Yugoslavia as the Republic of Serbia, or sometimes even higher. The province of Kosovo and Metohija made all decisions on its own, while Serbia had to establish consensuses with its provinces for some matters to make decisions.

Kosovo and Metohija was a very underdeveloped province, which was receiving significant financial assistance from all of Yugoslavia. Nevertheless, the communist government of the province had not been successful in initiating the development of the economy. So Kosovo and Metohija became a bottomless pit, and its prosperity could not be seen anywhere. Such a situation was dissatisfactory to all of Yugoslavia, including the people of Kosovo and Metohija. This led to the development of nationalist movements in Kosovo and Metohija, which was aiming the province’s independence. The journey towards independence, at that time, was based on the high birthrate of Albanians. On the other hand, the Serbs had been leaving Kosovo and Metohija, either because they received a good redemption price for their properties from the Albanians, or because they felt threatened in the province where Albanians, in the year 1990 had nearly 90% of the population.

Then, Slobodan Milošević entered the scene. Instead of developing the economy of Serbia and having good relations with the Albanians to solve problems, he responded to Albanian nationalism with strong Serbian nationalism. He organized massive rallies supporting its policy. After that, Slobodan Milošević requested that the Communist leadership of Kosovo and Metohija returns the constitutional functions to the Republic of Serbia that Tito gave them in 1974. Under intense pressure from the Serbian nationalist movement in 1989, the Parliament of Kosovo and Metohija returned it. It was a Pyrrhic victory for Slobodan Milosevic because, after that, the Albanians only increased their separatist tendencies. Also, strong nationalism in Serbia provoked nationalism in other republics of Yugoslavia. Thus, Slobodan Milošević increased the problems in Yugoslavia. I wouldn’t say that Slobodan Milošević had bad intentions towards anyone. He was just not capable enough for the challenges he met. His opposition to the world imperialists while previously not having sufficient support at home and abroad was a big mistake.

Yugoslavia did not give up on its independent policy, regardless of the UN sanctions. It tried to establish some form of agreement with the Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija on a shared future. Still, after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Albanians did not accept anything less than full independence, which Serbia could not allow. Then, somewhere in 1996, Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija began to get weapons, founded the Kosovo Liberation Army and started to kill the Serbian police. In 1998, the U.S. Government added the Kosovo Liberation Army to the list of terrorist organizations. However, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, observed that “the American war against terrorism” was not affecting the KLA. Before the war in Kosovo, U.S. administration representative Richard Holbrook publicly met with the rebel leaders of the KLA in Kosovo, which at that time was on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations.

In early 1999, someone encouraged the inhabitants of the village of Račak, a strong base of supporters of the Kosovo Liberation Army, to attack the Yugoslav special police force. After the fierce battle, 45 Albanians were killed. These people have been sacrificed because they did not have any chance against the highly equipped and skilled Yugoslav special police forces. This period is very well displayed in these documentaries: NATO’s Illegal War Against Serbia and Lies About Kosovo War. These 45 dead Albanians helped NATO give an ultimatum to Yugoslavia by which Yugoslavia had to accept the occupation of NATO forces. Why, for example, did NATO not provide a warning to Bosnia and Herzegovina when the Bosnian army committed the massacre of one hundred and one soldiers of the Yugoslav Federal Army when they tried to withdraw from Tuzla and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina before the war even started? Yugoslavia refused NATO’s ultimatum in the town of Rambouillet in France, and that meant it would be attacked.

However, attacking an independent country that did not attack another is an imperialist crime, according to the UN Charters. Therefore, NATO tried to justify the aggression against Yugoslavia on charges that the Yugoslav Army slaughtered up to 100,000 Albanians and expelled up to 700,000 Albanians from Kosovo. They could not present any evidence for these accusations because none of them were right. The aggression is carried out exclusively by bombardment, so that in its first mission, NATO became a terrorist organization. The aggression lasted 78 days. Thousands of people were killed, and enormous material damage was done to Yugoslavia. People still die today from the radiation of the illegal uranium enriched bombs NATO threw on Yugoslavia. Please watch the documentary Bombing of Serbia 1999 by Nemanja Trbojevic.

The war ended with the UN Peace resolution 1244. According to it, the Yugoslav army withdrew from Kosovo, administration of Kosovo was taken over by the UN, the NATO was supposed to protect the inhabitants of Kosovo, and the future status of Kosovo should be determined by the negotiations of the Serbs and Albanians, respecting the integrity of Yugoslavia. However, the last conditions of the agreement did not occur. NATO did not protect the remaining Serbs in Kosovo. A former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, claims that after the departure of the Yugoslav army, around 2,000 Serbs were killed in Kosovo, and the rest fled. Please watch the documentary Kosovo – Can You Imagine by Boris Malagurski showing the fate of Serbs in Kosovo after the NATO aggression. Western media has never announced the crimes against Serbs that were committed there. Why? The former war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte stated in her book The Hunt: Me and War Criminals that Kosovar Albanian guerrillas transported 300 Serbian prisoners to Albania where they were killed and their organs removed and trafficked. If the NATO carried out the aggression against Yugoslavia because of the 45 killed Albanians in Kosovo, why did it not attack Kosovo and Metohija for the crimes that Albanians in Kosovo committed against Serbs? If we take all of this into consideration, is Kosovo not a criminal creation of the Western world? On top of it all, the United States and most EU member states recognized the independence of Kosovo contrary to the UN peace resolution 1244.

Yugoslavia still has not been released from the UN economic sanctions. So what was the problem? The problem was the President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milošević, who was propagated to be the primary blame for all the evil in Yugoslavia had to fall. Rulers of the world managed to remove Slobodan Milosevic out of power in 2000 when elections were held in Serbia. After about ten years of suffering, which the Serbian people were exposed to, the Serbs became tired. They gave more votes to Vojislav Koštunica, the leader of the Democratic Party of Serbia than to Slobodan Milosevic. However, Vojislav Koštunica did not receive more than 50% of votes in the first round of the elections so that the second round of voting should have been held. The opposition in Serbia declared that the election result was a fraud, and assisted by powers from outside the country, and they raised a violent revolution in Serbia. If the opposition went to the second round of the election, Vojislav Koštunica would have legally and peacefully won the democratic election. The powers from outside of the country wanted blood in Serbia. It did not happen just because Slobodan Milošević did not want it.

Slobodan Milošević was removed, then arrested and delivered to the International Court in Hague against the Constitutional Law of Yugoslavia. Now it should be noted that the International Court in Hague is not legal because it was formed by the UN Security Council and not by the UN Assembly. The International Court in Hague is in fact created by the imperialist world to prevent any resistance to their hegemony. Thus, the criminal gets the legal right to condemn its victims.

Now I have to say that Slobodan Milošević was arrogant sometimes as the President, which indeed is not a wise characteristic of a politician, but he did not commit any crime. Please see the documentary: “SHOCKING: Slobodan Milošević was INNOCENT!” on YouTube in 5 parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The International Court in Hague came to the same conclusion eleven years later in the trial of General Ratko Mladic. Slobodan Milošević did not defend himself; he tried to protect his country. He did it very successfully, and because of this, he was systematically murdered there. The prosecutor did not have any proof of Slobodan Milošević’s guilt, so the court mistreated him for four years through an endless trial of war details not related to him. Slobodan Milošević had heart disease.  Every medical doctor can confirm that heavy stress for four years in court endangered his life. Before his death, he cried every day to receive help from an independent doctor but was rejected by the court, which resulted in the infarct from which he died.

Finally, by the enormous intervention of the world powers, obedient people came to power in Yugoslavia. Thus, in the end, Yugoslavia capitulated. Only then did the peace come. Only then were the UN sanctions lifted from Yugoslavia. In the end, Yugoslavia consisted of the Republics Serbia and Montenegro only. It was such an unsuccessful creation that it could not survive. In 2003, it was entirely abolished by the wish of the Governments of Serbia and Montenegro. That is how my homeland was removed from the world map.

The aggression of the Rothschild family 

All that I have written so far can be easily checked. So how come no one has displayed it to the world? I set myself simple questions:

Who has the power to dictate what the world media will publish?

Who has the power to present an entire nation unfairly?

Who has the power to impose economic sanctions on one nation unjustly?

Who has the power to remove a founder of the UN from the UN membership?

Who has the power to kill people in an international institution of justice?

Who has the power to make leaders of countries commit crimes?

Who has the power to profit from all of this?

Thus, a range of intense power, including economy, military force, media, and politicians, which were used in the attack on Yugoslavia, says to me that there is a strong force that unites them. After a long period of study, I realized that the Rothschild family and their partners govern the world. I presented my findings in the article Has Antichrist Come? My observations fall into a conspiracy theory; however, have I not enclosed enough evidence that the conspiracy exists? Here is an enclosed YouTube video: Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve, which shows the basics of the theory of conspiracy quite convincingly.

The Rothschild family is primarily a banking family who first organized its operations around the world. They could not manage all their businesses, so they hired expert agents to lead their companies in their names. To stimulate these agents to earn more money, they receive small shares of the ownership and become partners. The Rothschilds have created the entire hierarchical structure of their partners through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and still do today. Some people call this structure Masons and the top of the hierarchical structure, Illuminati. The Rothschild family has learned that it is better for them to hide their wealth behind their partners so that their power grows while they remain invisible. During almost 300 years, the Rothschild family and their partners could have bought half the world while no one knows it. Thus, the Rothschild family has built a power higher than the largest imperators in the history of humankind, and they rule the world imperceptibly. Being invisible, they cannot be called responsible when they cause evil around the world.

The agents of the Rothschild family do not spare money establishing control over media since media forms public opinion, and after that, they can virtually do whatever they want. The Rothschild family cannot redeem state media, but it still achieves control over it through governments, which the family puts under its control. This way, they have created propaganda in the whole world against Yugoslavia. One-sided coverage of the war in Yugoslavia around the globe is sufficient proof to me that there is an organization that controls world media. According to the data I have collected, the Rothschild family with their partners must have control over the organization.

If the owners of the world’s largest corporations, such as Rockefeller, Morgan, Goldberg, Wartburg, Goldman, etc. (who also hide their power) were independent of the Rothschild family, then they would according to the competitive nature of entrepreneurs in capitalism, be confronting each other, but they don’t. Some rivals of the Rothschild family would have disclosed the truth about the war in Yugoslavia publicly, but it did not happen. It tells me that the old wealthy families have built a partnership with each other to control the world better. The Rothschild family is the leading family of the association because it stepped in the world market in an organized manner a hundred or more years before the partners mentioned above. I would like to stress again that this story is about a conspiracy. The leader of the world conspiracy cannot be David, the head of the family Rockefeller, because he is very exposed. He publicly tells the Presidents of the United States what they should do. The conspiracy leader must be someone who does not appear in public like the head of the Rothschild family. His name is Jacob, and he is most famous for his love of art.

The Rothschild family, through its agents, help the election campaign of influential politicians around the world, so that the politicians obey them. Politicians do not have much choice. Anyone who does not follow the policy that conforms to the Rothschilds can be presented very critically in the media, which may quickly bring their career into question. I remember a very reasonable U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, whom media has declared to be one of the least capable American presidents of all time, and that ended his career. Slobodan Milošević was not sufficiently aware of how powerful his enemies were, so he resisted them strongly. That is the reason he ended badly. People, please think a little bit about this; all the information you have received about Slobodan Milošević came from the people who attacked him. Is not this horrible? A former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, claims that the charges against Slobodan Milosevic were pure fantasy. There is something even worse than that; James Bissett claims that George Soros funds the International Court in Hague. That means the people who judged Slobodan Milosevic are the same people who attacked him.

Yugoslavia has resisted the world powers for eight years, and finally, the world powers lost their patience. When they presented Yugoslavia badly enough through their media, the world powers demanded the world politicians do something “in the name of justice.” In the beginning, “justice” was mainly based on the accusation of Yugoslavia and the illegal recognition of the secessionist republic independence. The demand for imposing UN economic sanctions on Yugoslavia passed relatively quickly. After that, the leaders of the Western countries received a request for military aggression on Yugoslavia. Here, Russia put a veto in the UN Security Council, however. Attacking an independent state without the consent of the United Nations was a crime. Therefore, this request could not easily pass. Formally, U.S. President Bill Clinton launched the aggression on Yugoslavia. He normally resisted to commit the crime, but do you remember how long the threat for his impeachment from the presidential position lasted when he lied under oath in the case of Monika Lewinsky? I think it was blackmail. The Lewinsky case was utterly forgotten the moment that Bill Clinton decided to carry out military aggression against Yugoslavia.

It should be pointed out that not all members of NATO bombarded Yugoslavia. The aggression committed: Belgium, Canada,  the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,  the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The aggression refused Greek, Island, and Luxembourg. Honour to them! All the presidents of states or governments who joined President Clinton in the aggression against Yugoslavia are also criminals. How might that be possible? Naturally, the Rothschild family has built conspiracy against humanity throughout the centuries, in which ignorance, lies, stupidity, immorality, fear, and corruption grow and then rule. Dear readers, you have received all the information about the war in Yugoslavia from the same people who started the aggression in the first place. Is this not a horrible fact?

The Rothschild family did not destroy Yugoslavia to give the Yugoslav people democratic rights. This, indeed, is not the case. It destroyed Yugoslavia to take control of the people of the former Yugoslavia easily. Through their agent “benefactor” for Eastern Europe, George Soros and his “open society,” the Rothschild family gave donations to the opposition of the Communist Party, which was in power in Yugoslavia. This opposition had the interest to destroy Yugoslavia mainly itself so that the donors did not need to interfere a lot in their affairs. But there was coordination. Maybe you have not noticed, but the destruction waited in line, one after the other: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Metohija.

However, maybe some higher justice exists? Have you noticed that the chief domestic destroyers of Yugoslavia, Janez Drnovšek, Franjo Tuđman, Gojko Šušak, Alija Izetbegović and Ibrahim Rugova died of cancer? Coincidence? Please check how many national leaders die from cancer in any country around the world, and maybe you will then become aware of what a coincidence it should be. With this respect, if my name were Janez Janša, Milan Kučan Stjepan Mesić, Vladimir Šeks, Ejup Ganić, Haris Silajdžić, Hashim Thaçi, Ramush Hardinaj or so, I would check my health more often.

All the mentioned politicians were utterly united in the desire for their states to become members of the EU. However, the people of these states were not even close to having the united wish of joining the EU. Why did these politicians fight so hard to get out of one country, and then to hurry to join another? It is even stranger that there are no significant organizational differences between Yugoslavia and the EU. But that all is irrelevant to them. The only relevant fact to them is to be in the real center of attention because it gives them power. They know that this can be achieved only by abiding by the rules that higher powers preach. These people are interested just in naked power, and they realized it over the bodies of dead people.

The Rothschild family did not destroy Yugoslavia to leave the Yugoslav companies to free market either. Their agents attacked Yugoslavia from the inside. Who are these agents? They are the newly established owners of companies in all the republics of former Yugoslavia. They firstly conquered the media because they control public opinion. Now whatever newspapers you read in the region of former Yugoslavia are under the control of the Rothschild family or follow the Rothschild family’s policies because they do not know what else to do.

All new tycoons who made fortunes from nothing are agents or partners of the Rothschild family, even though they might not be aware of it because they communicate with the lower agents of the Rothschild family only. The tycoons have received enormous amounts of money at their disposal to invest in everything that promises good business. They also have priorities in purchasing companies with the help of local politicians that they have corrupted. Even if these tycoons were successful business people in socialist Yugoslavia, they were offered the recapitalization with a large sum of money and business connections that they could not refuse. Some petty thieves could independently have enriched themselves through the robbery of public property, but big thieves cannot survive long without the support of the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family, with its partners, keep all significant roads of production under their control so that they can quickly push non-cooperative entrepreneurs out of the game. Thus, the colonization of all the republics of the former Yugoslavia was conducted.

 A few words about the reasons for breaking up of Yugoslavia 

Yugoslavia had the most developed socialist economy in the world. The Rothschild family presented successfully that the results of socialism couldn’t be right. The war that the Rothschild family has coordinated destroyed what the people of Yugoslavia have built and owned together for generations. The war has cut off business ties between the republics, reduced the market, diminished profits of companies so that they lost their values, and were cheaply sold to partners of the Rothschild family.

But why exactly were the Serbs mainly guilty? When the Rothschild family causes evil, it needs someone to be a scapegoat. What people could be more suitable to the Rothschild family than the Serbs who were the only people who elected socialists in free elections throughout Eastern Europe? Therefore, the Serbs had to learn a particular lesson. Indeed the worst fact was that Yugoslavia conducted an independent policy. President Slobodan Milošević did not allow an uncontrolled and rapid transition to the capitalist economy; he did not allow social companies to be sold very cheaply to the Rothschilds. Therefore, Slobodan Milošević had to fall.

If the world powers were neutral, the war in Yugoslavia would not exist or would have been much shorter, but it was not in their interest. They did not help the weaker sides in the war in the name of love nor justice. They intended to make a miserable life for all the people of Yugoslavia for an extended period. When in the end, the world powers imposed peace, all nations, except the Serbs understandably, proclaimed them as their rescuers. All these peoples are grateful to their evildoers, executioners, tormenters, thieves, although they do not know it. Now, these people are happy to have any job; they are happy even when they can work for small wages. Some of them are also happy when they can earn money by fighting wars for other’s interests. This is precisely what capitalism of the Rothschild family needs and what it has managed to achieve the territory of Yugoslavia.

The most horrible fact is that an utterly invisible power that can do harm to a whole country, destroy it, rob and enslave it, exists today, and nobody knows anything about it.


This article has a significant shortage of evidence that proves a direct connection between the Rothschild family and the destruction of Yugoslavia. The Rothschild family does not appear in public, does not give statements, does not leave visible written traces, so it is challenging to unmask them. I think that the Rothschild family can be easily connected to the war in Yugoslavia by conducting an investigation of the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, for the criminal aggression on Yugoslavia in the International Court of Justice in Hague. But, oh well, the U.S. Government does not recognize the jurisdiction of the Court for its citizens. Was not because of it, this Court unjust from the very beginning? Can any American court run an investigation of its former President? Theoretically, it can, but Americans are almost continuously aggressing other countries, and no president was ever called responsible for it. This world does not have a good defence from evil and especially not from such evil. That’s why we live in destructive times.

The other presidents of the states that have performed the aggression on Yugoslavia have just followed the media lynch demands, and except British Prime Minister Tony Blair, they cannot blame Jacob Rothschild. I have presented here that the Western media covered the aggression on Yugoslavia like members of organized crime. The investigations against them could lead to Jacob Rothschild. However, maybe the easiest way to connect Jacob Rothschild with the aggression on Yugoslavia is by proving that Slobodan Milošević was murdered in the International Criminal Tribunal in Hague. There is a basis for investigation against the doctors who have been caring for the heart disease of Slobodan Milosevic because they not only did not prevent his death, but there are indications that they contributed to his death. His autopsy found traces of drugs against leprosy, which reversed the effects of medicines for the heart. More about it can be found here: Death of Slobodan Milošević. The accusation against these doctors can show that somebody must have ordered his death, and that can lead to Jacob Rothschild.

A brief public appearance, which occurred four years ago in the home of Rothschild in England, could show how much power the Rothschild family possesses. In the next picture from left to right are: Warren Buffet, currently “the richest” man of the world, the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lord Jacob Rothschild.

The photograph was probably taken to impress the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who conflicted with Jacob Rothschild at the time over Russian oil company Yukos. Later, Jacob Rothschild found that the publication of the photos was a big mistake because it transformed him from a retiring lover of arts and flowers, into a mighty person in the world. I think that Jacob Rothschild invested an effort keeping his status of a modest philanthropist by presenting the meeting as a meeting of philanthropists.

That could easily be the main reason why Warren Buffet, currently declared as the wealthiest man of the world, decided to give 85% of his wealth, or about 50 billion dollars for humanitarian purposes, to the Foundation of Bill Gates, the majority owner of the company Microsoft. This scenario would be possible only if these 50 billion dollars belong to the Rothschild family. It looks to me like a very probable scenario. Thus, one could conclude that the Rothschild family provides its beginners with a 15 percent commission. Whether these 50 billion dollars would go to humanitarian purposes, or it is just a show for the people, remains to be known. Indeed, a beneficial arrangement stood behind it for all involved sides.

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