New Democratic Organization Pays Social Media Influencers To Disagree With Trump


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A Democratic organization is stepping up to combat President Donald Trump’s success in spreading his message on social media, and their solution is to throw lots of money at the problem.

The organization is labeling itself Defeat Disinfo, and it’s using the same artificial intelligence technology the U.S. used to combat ISIS propaganda, only this time against Trump. The program tracks where pro-Trump talking points are popular on the internet, and then the group plans to pay relevant influencers to spread anti-Trump messages. (RELATED: Trump To Allow Distancing Guidelines To ‘Fade Out,’ But Most Will Be Included In New Reopening Instructions)

Daily Caller White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom and Video Director Richie McGinniss sat down to discuss why Democratic candidates can’t seem to match Trump’s success on social media, and why they keep trying to cut Trump off from his audience.


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