New Study Claims Coronavirus Was Manipulated By Researchers, Not Just Studied


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A new study coming out of Australia claims to have found evidence that the COVID-19 virus was manipulated and not the product of natural causes.

Daily Caller Video Director Richie McGinniss and White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom sat down to discuss the implications of the study, which is currently undergoing peer review. If the findings are confirmed, it would imply that not only did the virus originate in a lab, but it may have made intentionally more infectious by Chinese scientists. (RELATED: Maryland Reestablishes Mail-In Only Special Election, Resolving Inner-Conflict)

The study argues that the virus is suspiciously effective at infecting humans while being unable to infect animals. (RELATED: Relaxing Lockdowns Was Supposed To Cause A Disaster — It Hasn’t)

China initially argued the disease originated naturally in bats that made their way to open-air wet markets in Wuhan. Other reports, however, suggested that the disease most likely originated from a disease research lab in the city, but the reports did not indicate the virus was actually created in the lab.


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