New York City Student-Athletes Protest, Demand Sports Return


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New York City student-athletes recently protested in Brooklyn, New York, alongside coaches and parents, demanding that public schools open and sports return.

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that public schools will reopen at “full strength” in September.

Since September 2020, de Blasio and the Department of Education (DOE) have struggled to keep schools operating as normal amid spikes in COVID-19 cases.

“For most student-athletes that I know, especially in the city, sports are the only reason why they want to go to school. Because they have no sports, they have no motivation,” Blair Academy student-athlete Moussa Kane said. (RELATED: New York Public School Students Feel They Have Been ‘Forgotten’ By Officials)

“These kids are losing potentially an opportunity to hone and leverage what might be their best skill. I speak from experience. I was very good on the football field, because of that I was able to go on and get my degree at Harvard,” Brooklyn Titans coach Bill told the Daily Caller.

“We are robbing these children,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said on not allowing student-athletes to play sports. “We need to let them play.”


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