No Free Speech, No Parental Rights


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The High Court has permanently banned activists and parents from protesting against LGBTQ ‘equality’ lessons being taught in Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham, England. Birmingham council won their case on Tuesday, after taking out an injunction against the protesters. For months, campaigners and parents protested outside the front gates, invoking the sexual propaganda targeting of their children.

Justice Warby QC, issuing the permanent injunction at the High Court in Birmingham, said the protests had “a very significant adverse impact on the pupils, teachers and local residents.” Oh, my. Imagine that. People [parents especially] arguing a different view point, have to be shut down because those of another opinion disagree.

The judge said there was no “pedophile agenda,” and that the staff wasn’t “teaching children how to masturbate.” The UK Department for Education saluted the court ruling, expressing that they wanted to see an “end to these protests” and “encourage a positive dialog.” The West is supporting protesters in places like Hong Kong, even violent groups, but they’ll shut down a bunch of protesters [mostly Muslims] critical of mandatory LGBTQ courses in schools for children, for TODDLERS! Since we mentioned the Department of Education, I can’t help but quote a line from the masterful British sitcom, Yes, Prime-Minister from 1988: “The Department of Education marks where the corpse of British education is buried.” And I also subscribe to the policy proposal fleshed out in that same episode, abolish the Department of Education.

If anyone’s interested in hearing the head-teacher’s side of the story, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, here’s a teary-eyed article by that Fabian rag The Guardian. You’ll also be impressed to learn that the UK union of academics says that individuals may identify as any race or sex. Imagine the chaos. What validity would a national census carry? Ditto for health statistics and medical studies and criminal profiling cases, all of it…

I make the following statement as a non-Marxist socialist. It is NOT the role of the state to educate the population, young or old. It’s the job of parents, of families to raise their children. Communities have a right to govern themselves. Families have the right to protect their children, physically, culturally, and spiritually from harm. This new age conditioning, manufactured in the West, is one of cultural degeneracy, driven by spiritual rot – a most effective weapon in the Establishment’s arsenal against sovereign peoples and nations. As always, free speech must be demonized first, before it can be taken away. When they can’t win followers via persuasion, they resort to coercion.

But the strategy doesn’t apply solely for Western countries; the end goal is to propagate it over the whole globe. This year, the World Health Organization no longer regards Transgenderism as a mental disorder; however, video game addiction is regarded by the same organization as a mental health disorder – and various other groups are lobbying for the WHO to switch the label into disease. The second Dark Age will come about primarily, in my humble opinion, via cultural collapse. I’ll end this piece by quoting Marcus Aurelius: “The purpose of life is not to be on the side of the majority; but to escape the ranks of the insane.”

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