Official Trump channel now on Rumble


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Official Trump channel now on Rumble

****News Topic 458*****

President Donald Trump has joined YouTube competitor Rumble

President Donald Trump has joined YouTube competitor Rumble

Trump has joined the YouTube alternative following much social media censorship on mainstream platforms.

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Alex Christoforou

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President Trump In Wellington OH, Wasn’t he the general who inflicted massive defeat on Napoleon at Waterloo


Trump is on rumble, so still technically at the mercy of others should they manage to ban it or co-opt it which is a distinct possibility. They will certainly try. Rumble will now be labelled spawn of the devil across the MSM which won’t help all the good content creaters currently using rumble. I would have thought a multi billionaire intent on free speech might create his own alternative to youtube so as not to be at the mercy of others. That would require him to part with a few of his precious dollars though which is clearly against his… Read more »

Cheryl Tobin

I hope Alex and Alexander are making the big bucks catering to the MAGA crowd instead of actual journalism.

Helga I. Fellay

They are catering to the thinking crowd, to the truth seeking crowd, to the crowd that believes in the Constitution and the freedom and rights it stands for. Can you understand any of this?

Last edited 3 hours ago by Helga I. Fellay

Smoking Eagle

The “thinking crowd” comes from all over the world, and there is no global constitution. Neither Alex nor Alexander are from countries with the particular constitution to which I presume you refer, and which only applies to 1/23rd part of the world population. It would be better, I think, to refer to what the U.N. bill of human rights stands for because it is supposedly universal and entitles everyone to these rights, without discrimination.

Helga I. Fellay

I live in the US, and Americans subscribed to the Duran constitute probably more than 1/23rd of the Duran followers. It doesn’t matter. Other than that one word, what I stated was true. I was objecting to “Alex and Alexander are making the big bucks catering to the MAGA crowd instead of actual journalism.” I guess you don’t find this objectionable. The Alexes are among the very few real journalists left who give us the truth instead of propaganda. That was the gist of the matter, not the word “Constitution.” Can you understand that? It makes me wonder what you… Read more »


You are making us have a good laugh. There are no thinking crowds or truth seekers in the US. More akin to sheeple I would say. Since when did trump give a damn about Americans. He is a devout zionist like the rest of his family and all US presidents. They only serve the zionist apartheid state.

joe gibson

Biden just keeps bowing to Putin….Ukraine, Crimea, Nordstream2, Syria. I need to Putin’s PP tape of Biden 🙂 🙂

Last edited 2 hours ago by joe gibson

Smoking Eagle

It’s not Biden’s or any US president’s place to bow or not to bow to anyone in Europe or Asia. It’s none of the USA’s business what other countries choose to do, or how they choose to develop. The US perhaps wouldn’t be such a mess if Washington paid more attention to the state of its own country.

Smoking Eagle

No matter what you think of Trump the Politician, you really have to admire the persistence of the man.

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