Patriot Tucker Carlson vs Censorship & Hypocrisy


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During a recent radio show guest appearance, patriot Tucker Carlson pointed out how dissenters – irrespective of their political persuasion – are getting targeted more and more by the Establishment. He stressed that nobody is looking after them. See the two minute segment below.

Carlson: “[…] If you’re not with the approved – ”

Radio host: “Even people on the left.”

Carlson: “Especially people on the left. That’s why I’m not limiting it to conservatives. I mean I have a lot of friends on the real left, on the sincere left, not the fake lifestyle, liberalism nonsense […] There’s nobody protecting dissident voices and I can’t get past it; I’m focused on it and I don’t really know what the answer is.”

He also called out Conservative Inc on its hypocrisy, the group who has done nothing to stop the growing phenomenon of censorship and deplatforming. “It makes me very upset with the institutions that purport to be conservative in our country and consume hundreds of millions, billions over time in contributions; they’re doing absolutely nothing to protect these people. In fact, they’re the first to abandon them. It’s like, oh, you know, so and so liked a tweet by someone who said something naughty five years ago, therefore we have to distance ourselves – No! You’re cowards. You’ll be judged. You are selling out people who actually believe in you. You’re horrible.”

A good example for what Tucker is saying is the case of Darius Khalil Gordon, a victim of the dual PC police [the liberal, progressive, and conservative Inquisition] which can be found here.

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