President Trump removes Pentagon Old Guard in stunning move [Video]


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Here is a bit of news you probably did not hear reported, either honestly or at all, on November 27, 2020. President Trump removed a number of top-level defense advisors in an almost simultaneous move as the President’s recent troop withdrawal order from Afghanistan. That move is to draw down the troop numbers from about 4,000 to about 2,500. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in support of this move (which is a good thing since he is supposed to follow orders), saying that this action helps to get the United States out of perpetual wars.

Much criticism comes into play about Mike Pompeo himself, and of course, one can find a great deal of that criticism freely expressed here. However, this move is indeed the best move to take, as Afghanistan and its problems need not be the Americans’ problems. The United States’ move could be taken as defeat, or it could be taken as a bit of wisdom having been acquired through bitter experience.

Of course, we have to point out that the US could have asked and listened to the Russians for an assessment about Afghanistan, but we didn’t. It took us longer to learn than it did for the Russians. There were there for just about nine years and change. We have been there since 2001.

Slow learners. Or, is it just globalism?

Well, that leads us to the story spoken of in the headline. President Trump also did a little swamp draining at the Pentagon this week, getting rid of eleven “top names” who serve on the Defense Advisory Board there. Here are some names:

  • Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State
  • Madeline Albright (surprised?), also former Secretary of State
  • Jane Harman, former ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee
  • Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader
  • Jamie Gorelick, a Clinton administration deputy attorney general
  • Admiral Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations; and a onetime ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee
  • Rudy DeLeon, former chief operating officer at the Pentagon who was being groomed by former defense secretary James Mattis
  • David McCormick, a former Treasury Department undersecretary under the George W. Bush administration
  • Robert Joseph, a chief U.S. nuclear negotiator who convinced Libya to give up weapons of mass destruction
  • J.D. Crouch II, former Bush Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Franklin Miller, also a former top defense official

This move came after President Trump fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, earlier this month.

While it may be understood that having experts from all times to serve in advisory roles is a good idea, this list is rather indicative of the “Swamp” a.k.a. “Deep State” operations that have been fettering the President’s foreign policy initiatives as they have tried to foil everything else he has done while in office.

Speculation, of course, came to the surface following this announcement. Why is he doing this NOW? Of course, anything that follows in trying to answer is speculative until we actually hear this question answered by the President.

However, the substance of these removals indicates the President’s continued efforts to clear out anything like “the Old Guard” and replace these fetters with people that are more likely to share his own world view. It is also good preparation for his second term.

The truth remains that, should Joe Biden actually win the presidency, he could put all these people back. Indeed, his proposed cabinet has a lot of Clinton / Obama holdovers, suggesting a retreat to the “good old days”, as Biden may actually believe his voters wanted. This of course is a loaded story in itself, but it is outside the scope of this piece.

The further point to consider is that most of the world except for Russia is very invested in having Biden become the next President. For some reason, the philosophy of “America First” (and by extension, each leader of each other country placing their own country first) is being pushed back against, hard by the globalists. Russia is not involved in this pushback, even despite US sanction after US sanction against that nation, probably because the Russian government knows that the retention of American nationalism is very good for Russia, which has to this point remained under somewhat less pressure to comply with world globalism.

If the United States folds, Russia is the last power to stubbornly cling to her sovereignty.

The key issue of this election is really American sovereignty within her own borders. President Trump defended this and strengthened it, but that after decades of steady whittling away of this concept by “one-world” globalists, led by China, though of course, China’s motives for this are distinctly about China’s own NATIONAL interests. To the extent that the clever Chinese can use the rush to one world, they will, and they have.

It appears that President Trump is continuing to hone the US in his anticipated fight to remain sovereign.

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