President Trump’s case advances in multiple states as Fraud allegations hit home [Video]


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The GOP legislators in Pennsylvania are crafting a resolution to take back the authority granted them by the Federal Constitution to select and seat that state’s electors. This means that the GOP can pick people that will be likely to cast their 20 electoral votes largely, or entirely, for President Trump’s reelection.

This move came after a stunning (and largely panned) three-hour hearing in which the President’s attorney, former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani and his team made an extraordinarily compelling testimony showing that the behavior of the state’s vote counting was indicative of fraud. They presented evidence that was sometimes shocking to the listeners there. Watch:

This was just one fact out of hours of testimony that was just astounding. In a dump of approximately 600,000 votes that arrived, 570,000 votes for Biden, and 3,200 for Trump in the same period. This is entirely anomalous. These were all from mail-in ballot dumps.

While this reclaim of authority is not yet a done deal (the headline below is a bit misleading), the process IS taking place.

As you may see from the cover photo on this piece, Pennsylvania is not the only state seeing movement as the result of efforts by the Trump challenge to the election results. This was a status report issues by Kevin McCollough early Friday morning.

Steve Turley gives an incredible update on the progress of the Trump Legal Team’s advance of its case through the courts in the states where election fraud was discovered and alleged.

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