Putin and the N Word


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No not that N word – the other one: nationalist!

Progressive and liberal politicians, academics and journalists have all portrayed nationalism as a social illness – a primitive feeling that breeds injustice, racism and even militarism.

In some cases that is certainly true. However, it’s an historical fact that Nationalism defeated Imperialism – the enemy of progressives – on many occasions. Yet for progressives nationalism somehow is a Dirty Word Could someone explain why?

Colonies – victims of Imperial power from India to Ireland from Mexico to America – revolted against oppression from Imperial powers. They strove for sovereign nationhood and gained independence spurred on by nationalists.

So once again…Why is it so bad?

Stalin appealed to his citizens’ nationalism not communist sympathies when attacked by Hitler and the people responded with courage and determination. It was Lincoln – one of the most beloved of presidents – who saved the union by appealing to patriotic nationalism. So why the bad rap?

Are progressives confused? Poorly educated? Or could it be that the globalist progressives are simply using the term “nationalist” to undermine and demonize those who are standing in the way of full spectrum American Imperialism? Is this perhaps why President Putin – that Russian nationalist- is vilified as a leader by those who seek world dominance?

If the answer to all these questions is “yes” then one must admit that getting progressives to attack Putin is a pretty nifty trick. For you have a traditionally anti-imperialist group unwittingly serving as your propaganda wing to promote an imperialist agenda.

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