Rockets Hit Base Housing US Troops In Iraq, Two Wounded


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Two people were wounded Wednesday when at least 14 rockets were fired at an Iraqi air base housing U.S. troops.

No organization immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to Reuters. The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq confirmed the attack on the base, which was hosting other international forces in addition to Americans and Iraqis.

The rockets landed directly on the base and around the perimeter, according to a tweet from coalition spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto. In Syria, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces reportedly intervened to stop a separate attack on the Al Omar oil field Wednesday, where U.S. forces also operate.

Initial report: At approx. 12:30 PM local time, Ain Al-Assad Air Base was attacked by 14 rockets. The rockets landed on the base & perimeter. Force protection defensive measures were activated. At this time initial reports indicate 3 minor injuries. Damage is being assessed.

— OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto (@OIRSpox) July 7, 2021

Wednesday’s attack targeting the Ain al-Asad air base was the second in a matter of days. Three rockets were launched at the base Monday, causing minor damage and no injuries. (RELATED: Report: Biden Admin To Ease Trump Sanctions Regime On Key American Adversaries)

Iraqi officials said the number of attacks against U.S. bases with rockets and drones has reached an “unprecedented” pace, according to Reuters. Iranian-backed militia groups in the region vowed to retaliate after American strikes against them last month.

Tuesday, a drone attacked the Erbil airport in Iraq, reportedly targeting a U.S. base.

Iran has denied any involvement in the series of attacks, which the U.S. believes are being conducted by its proxies in the region. Iranians recently elected hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi to be the country’s new president, as American President Joe Biden continues to make rejoining the Iran nuclear deal a top foreign policy priority.

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