Sean Parnell On ‘All Out War’


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On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we welcome back one of our favorite guests, bestselling author Sean Parnell about his incredible new thriller “All Out War.” Before we talk with Parnell, we cover Joe Biden saying illegal immigrant children are more American than American children, San Francisco ignoring its homelessness and drug problems to declare the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization, the mayor of Chicago crazily blames Republicans for the murder rate in her city, and a vegan woman is suing her neighbors because she doesn’t like the smell of their BBQ.

Listen to the whole show:

Watch the Sean Parnell interview:

The former Army Ranger and author of “Outlaw Platoon,” the true story of his 485 consecutive days of combat in the mountains of Afghanistan where he commanded the 10th Mountain Division, and “Man Of War,” the heart-pounding thriller that introduced his hero Eric Steele, is back with a new Steele thriller, “All Out War.” We get into how the inspiration for his novels comes from the men he served with and led in the Army, how we won the war in Afghanistan, only to lose it thanks to feckless politicians, and everything else under the Sun. Check out the interview, check out his books, and definitely pick up a copy of “All Out War.”

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