Seuss and the Sneetches show liberals are beetches [Video]


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I could not believe my ears on this day

When Doctor Steve Turley had something to say

about racists gone mad, saying everything’s bad

that Dr Seuss is a racist

and our kids have been had.

But watching this video t’was clear from the start

that the people who called Seuss racist weren’t smart.

They lied to the press and they lied to each other

and Amazon said six Seuss books were a bother.

They would not sell them except for those few

which made thousands of dollars for sale as though new.

So then I did some sleuthing around

and I learned that Seuss was a good guy all around.

He hated racism, wrote of it in fact

and one of his best books, with great lack of tact

showed that racists were horrid, and that that was that.

The Sneetches on beaches were used as Seuss teaches

that all of those who are proud are like leeches

who suck all the blood and the life from the people

who don’t even care about liberal sheeple,

it made awful sense, the Doctor would say

to envy one’s brother or sister today

and trying to outdo them was just one more way

to give the Devil your soul as his pay.

So, libs, just keep going with what you are doing

the results will start showing when people start doing

the thing you don’t want – they will start thinking

and then all your plans will begin their great sinking

as we learn what the Sneetches all did and start winking.

There is no systemic racism today

except in the fools who do it for pay

and many such people in Congress who stay

rich on your bucks, ’cause you choose them each day,

but when we learn, you’ll be sent on your way.

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