Shaun Attwood Interviews Fantasist Wilfred Wong (Part 1)


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Recently, I described Shaun Attwood as charisma in an empty suit. If he believes a tiny fraction of this rubbish he has an empty head as well.  His livestream guest Monday night was Wilfred Wong, who has spent the past 27 years investigating Satanic ritual abuse. The word “investigating” should be interpreted in the broadest possible sense. Where to begin?

Does Satanism exist? Yes, there are people who worship the Devil, or whatever of his many names he goes by. Does child sexual abuse exist? Of course it does. Has child sexual abuse ever been covered up by those in power or the legal authorities? While involving mostly teenagers, the recent grooming gang scandal showed how horrific crimes against the young can be ignored by the police even in Britain. Do Devil worshippers inhabit the corridors of power, the judiciary, local authorities, the police…and do they control them? That is what we are asked to believe.

There is a lot to cover in Wong’s nonsense, but the following will suffice. There are three components to Satanic ritual abuse, he says: sexual abuse; torture, etc; Satanism.

The first piece of nonsense he endorses is the claim that Jimmy Savile was a Satanist. For those not au fait with him, Jimmy Savile was a disc jockey and TV presenter, a larger than life, visibly eccentric character who was a popular figure in British culture for decades. Although unlike Michael Jackson he never invited underage boys into his bedroom, many people found him weird or even creepy. He died in October 2011, two days before his eighty-fifth birthday, and was given a funeral fit for a king. Yet within months his grave had been trashed along with his legacy. Space does not permit a detailed discussion of the full circumstances of his posthumous downfall, it will suffice to say that a one-sided TV documentary which featured a number of women who had met Savile in their teens, made allegations against him of sexual abuse. These allegations were orchestrated through social media a bit like those made against Jian Ghomeshi in Canada, or by no fewer than thirteen girls against Tyler Kost in the USA.

Savile had actually been questioned about these allegations in 2009, and had debunked them all. After his death, they were simply revived, and an appeal was made for “victims” to “come forward”. And come forward they did, literally hundreds of them. Many of these allegations were proven false, largely by the late Susanne Cameron-Blackie and another blogger who goes by the name Moor Larkin. But never allowing facts to stand in the way of a scurrilous story, the  tabloid press gave space to almost any demented female who had a tale to tell about Savile, including that he was a Satanist.

Savile had done a lot to raise money for a world famous hospital, and had also raised the profile of mental health treatment. This brought him into contact with many politicians and a few royals. Soon he was said to have  been involved in Satanic rituals carried out by a certain member of the Royal Family. Former Prime Minister Edward Heath died six years before Savile, but, probably because like him he had never married, his name was dragged into an imaginary VIP paedophile ring that was said to sexually violate, torture and murder young boys. One nutter, Michael Shrimpton, even claimed Savile had procured boys for Heath who were then ritually murdered on the latter’s yacht. There was no end to the lunacy, and there won’t be any time soon. Wilfred Wong has lapped all this up; when the police investigate and find no evidence of Satanic crimes, that can only be because they are in on the plot.

Wong quoted from a book by his fellow nutter Dianne Core, a woman who believed and probably still believes that four thousand babies are sacrificed to the Devil in Britain every year. But aren’t these babies missed? Of course not, their births are never registered. Surely you realised that?

Shaun Attwood sat through all this rubbish like the true believer he is, even raising the question of necrophilia and mental patients regarding Savile, and of course attempting to implicate his bête noire Prince Andrew in something nefarious. Wong was non-committal about Andrew, although he did not rule out the likelihood of lesser known dukes engaging in such infamy, but how could they not have when every town and village in the UK is affected? Satanists come out at night in the Lake District and dispose of the bodies of their victims in its lakes.

Wong insists the child sexual abuse associated with Satanism is incidental; the Devil’s followers are interested only in acquiring power, to which end their international networks, which are largely autonomous, regularly murder people during 5 hour night-time rituals wherein young girls can be gang-raped or forced to drink urine and eat human faeces. Children being kept in cages, hung on hooks…and then there is cannibalism! Shaun asked him if he had seen any of this abuse, and of course he hasn’t, although plenty of people have told him they had.

Wong mentioned in particular two well-documented hoaxes: the Hollie Greig campaign in Scotland and the Hampstead Satanic abuse hoax. The allegations of the mentally retarded Hollie Greig were due to the machinations of her mentally deranged mother, a case that led to one of their supporters, the recently deceased Robert Green, spending time behind bars on two occasions for distributing scurrilous leaflets about innocent people. The Hampstead hoax is if anything even more ridiculous, and tragic, including in a small way for me because I know one of the people who was caught up in it. Sabine McNeill is a brilliant woman; in the 1990s she took a big interest in the financial reform movement, and had she stayed with that, it would very likely have been stronger than it is today. Instead she allowed herself to be seduced by all manner of lunatics who claimed to be campaigning against child sexual abuse. Now aged seventy-five, she is serving a nine year sentence for waging a hate campaign against innocent people, mostly women, a sentence that it pains me to say is well warranted.

Unsurprisingly, the website dedicated to exposing the lunacy of the Hampstead hoax is said to be run by Satanists. With classic conspiratard paranoia, anyone who dissents from the narrative becomes part of the plot. I experienced this in person when I attended Sabine’s trial at Southwark Crown Court. One of her idiot supporters denounced a detective for wearing a pink tie!

To Part 2.

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