SNC-Lavalin, media payoffs, blackface…Is Justin Trudeau fit to govern Canada? (Video)


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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s blackface photo and video scandal, which has the virtue signaling, neoliberal standard-bearer trying to explain his obsession with painting his face black, for which he has done a minimum of three times, and at the mature age of 29 years old.

With elections in Canada in less than a month, will Trudeau survive this latest scandal (in a long list of scandals), or will the woke mob culture he has pushed upon others during his tenure as Prime Minsiter, take him down as well?

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Via RT…

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s brownface scandal has brought low one of the world’s premier virtue-signalers, and Twitter is celebrating the exposure of his hypocrisy with an outpouring of ridicule.

A grinning photo of Trudeau, sporting dark makeup on his face, neck, and hands and clad in a voluminous turban and white robe, recently surfaced in a 2001 yearbook from the exclusive private school where he taught before entering politics. After his Liberal Party finally admitted it was their standard-bearer in the photo, Trudeau groveled before the world in a press conference on Wednesday.

If they could only forgive him his stupid, immature antics, he pleaded, he would never disappoint them again. The world was less than impressed, and opted to meme him instead.

#Trudeau #LiberalRacism #MAGA

— Cats (@CatsCalifornia) September 19, 2019

And now we can add his brown face Halloween costume. Biggest fraud ever

— Tom Hipsz (@TomHipsz) September 18, 2019

His love for costumes was a popular theme.

— Fightin’ Blue Hen (@milfordtweet) September 18, 2019

Wait, Trudeau WAS at the debate after all! #brownface

— Steve Simon (@the_stevesimon) September 19, 2019

The turban was also an inspiration.

*Aladin music starts* Prince Trudeau, nary a foe, Justin Ababwaaaaa. Strong as ten regular women, DEFINITELY! #JustinTrudeau

— BankOfLatterDayMemes (@BankLatter) September 19, 2019


— ThinGrayLine 🐻 (@ThinGrayLine01) September 19, 2019

There were even rumors Twitter was trying to clamp down on accounts reposting the incriminating photo. “Why is Twitter taking action against accounts that are exposing racism on the political Left?” one user grandstanded upon finding a popular account blocked.

Tfw you tweet pictures of Justin Trudeau in brownface and the Libs at Twitter deploy countermeasures

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) September 18, 2019

If Twitter was trying to suppress the photo of Trudeau, they didn’t do a very good job, however, as both “Justin Trudeau” and “brownface” were trending following the PM’s self-flagellating press conference.

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