The Black Market


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We live in the digital era when it’s almost impossible to hide from everyone without leaving a social life behind. The CIA, Military, FBI and other organizations have the ability to find the exact location of a person. They use different algorithms based on artificial intelligence, satellite photography, drones, collected intelligence and some other factors related to the region or an object they are after. They also share the info with one another, which makes these services as one huge network of surveillance. It goes without saying, that these services are capable of locating almost anyone everywhere. Although, there are still problems with the black market traders of human bodies, whether its organs or sex trafficking.

Satellites and drones  work in a certain area, whether they’re looking for an illegal trespasser, or it’s some kind of operation in a war zone to locate the enemy. The Internet bots on social media identify key words and give signals to special service operator to check if the is suspicious enough. So why is it a problem to put an end to human trafficking or forced organs harvesting?

Modern tech isn’t magic. When they use satellites to find weapons factories, there is no “find hidden factory” button, they have to use context clues. For example: “This building is big enough, and gas suspiciously may power lines connected to it, could be for refrigeration though… The trucks that bring crates seem to be weirdly empty, almost as if the cargo is heavier than it should be …” and so on. And what does a human trafficking ring look like from space? Houses, vans, maybe trucks, a warehouse? They won’t just sell their services on Facebook. There’s probably a bunch of real life networks. Where you have to “know a guy” otherwise you’re never getting access to that world, or if you scroll through the dark net long enough.

As you can see, the steps were made by both sides to improve the way they function. So it really hard to tell when or how to put an end to the criminal world. Because once one black marketer is caught another one pops up, and it’ll continue to be so until the consumers stop satisfying that market.

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