The Global Economic Collapse Will Force EVERYONE To Sell EVERYTHING.


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There has never been a more questionable period. During the Financial Crisis, it was well understood the direction things were headed. Today however, there is such polarization. No information is secure. Nothing seems to make sense. Looking at the traditional indicators at face value has proven to be a big misstep for many. Instead, piecing together this complex puzzle has unveiled a mystery.

Ray Dalio Warns of Threat to Dollar as Reserve Currency – Bloomberg

Economists warn of US ‘wasteland’ without stimulus deal | Financial Times

Economists warn of US ‘wasteland’ without stimulus deal

The US economic recovery is in danger of being weaker and more uneven if Congress and the White House fail to agree on a new round of fiscal stimulus, according to mounting warnings from Wall Street and academic economists.

Forget Pension Obligation Bonds. Two Cities Are – No Joke – Leasing Their Streets To Fund Pensions.

Forget Pension Obligation Bonds. Two Cities Are – No Joke – Leasing Their Streets To Fund Pensions.

It sounds preposterous, and the headline of a recent article here at Forbes by Marilyn Cohen is certainly eye-catching: ” The Lunacy Of Using City Streets To Collateralize New Municipal Bond Deals.” And these aren’t just any municipal bond deals – two cities in California are issuing bonds with their own city streets as collateral to pay down their unfunded pension liabilities.

Chesterfield Food Bank averaging a million meals per month during the pandemic, triples in donations | 8News

Chesterfield Food Bank averaging a million meals per month during the pandemic, triples in donations

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Cars filled two lanes for over half a mile leading up to the Chesterfield Food Bank on Friday. This kind of backup has been seen on Ironbridge Road every weekend for the past several months. Before COVID-19 spread around the world, the Chesterfield Food Bank was helping anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 people a month.

Citigroup to Resume Job Cuts After Pausing for Pandemic – Bloomberg

Here’s the latest on Wells Fargo’s billions of dollars in layoffs | Charlotte Observer

$10 billion in Wells Fargo cost cuts will mostly be layoffs, take several years

Wells Fargo’s plan to cut billions of dollars in expenses will mostly consist of layoffs and potentially take as long as four years, Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry said in a Monday presentation to investors. In July, the bank said it intended to cut roughly $10 billion in annual expenses, about a fifth of its yearly $54 billion in spending.

Blackstone Said to Boost Mobile-Home Bet With $550 Million Deal – Bloomberg

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Jobs and the economy are in a different scenario than in 2019. We have seen employers and employees changing the direction. The stock market was climbing higher. Lots of money, cash, debt, has been going into the stock market. Stocks were rising in 2020.

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