The latest from a resurgent and rising Russia [Video]


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The old adage is “a picture is worth a thousand words.” By extension, a video is with thousands of pictures. When a video has a speech like this, it is worth taking notice.

This was a rally given in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on March 21st, 2021. President Vladimir Putin speaks on the anniversary of the rejoining of Crimea and Sebastopol with the Russian Federation, after some fifty years of “belonging” to the territory of Ukraine. The largely Russian-populated territory had held a referendum on rejoining the Russian Federation after the Ukraine EuroMaidan events convinced many residents there that the new Ukraine had a real axe to grind with anybody who identified more with the Russian nation and her people than with the Western-leaning Ukrainians. As the borders of Ukraine itself have shifted over time, about half of the country is comprised of such people. Two other republics within Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk, opted to leave Ukraine but not to join Russia, and have been involved in a largely secretive but very destructive conflict for several years now.

President Putin does what our real President used to do. He rallies the nation of Russia, calling her people to a sense of national identity and greatness. President Trump did the same thing over and over during his phenomenally successful Presidential term, and seeing this video makes it look as though President Putin took a page out of The Donald’s playbook.

By all indications, President Putin will meet with more success, even though his own popularity as president in Russia has waned somewhat in recent years, due to a series of unpopular decisions regarding domestic policies, like raising the pension age. The Russian president is not immune to mistakes, and that issue, brought somewhat furtively during the great days of the 2018 World Cup, smacked of bad timing and sneakiness, and the Russian people have not forgotten this.

However, they also have not forgotten that their president stands by Russia as the sovereign home for the Russian people; that it is not to be another state taken over and westernized. “Making Russia Great Again” would probably be the president’s slogan, were he to speak about all of this in English.

When contrasted against the imagery of recent insults from the ultra-feeble Joe Biden, who is trying to be President though he was probably not actually elected to this post, the Russian Federation looks stronger than ever, and the United States and Europe look more irrelevant than ever.

To the Americans: take notice. Your country was on the path to greatness, but you did something wrong and let the wussys take your nation away from you. They are communist, cry bullies that don’t care about anything except their rights, their strange sex and their drugs. While it is extremely likely that the election results are falsified, the fact remains that enough people were taken in by the rhetoric from the globalist, secularist media and popular culture to not be able to stand firm for what was right when the election came. Otherwise the Left would have had to fabricate sixty or seventy million fake ballots instead of just a few million.

Russia doesn’t need America, nor does it need Europe. This speech shows that is clear. The US hostility towards Russia is pushing the country to make alliances with partners that really truly might be dubious (China, Iran), and that is really sad. The Russian people have a lot in common with Europeans and the Westerners in the US. They are generally Christian, traditional and loaded with common sense, like most Americans themselves are. Further, President Putin’s moves of late generate respect. US House Representative Matt Goetz was quoted in a Russian paper with praise for the Russian President and embarrassment for the guy occupying the American White House just now (translated):

Member of the US House of Representatives Matt Goetz criticized US President Joe Biden for refusing to conduct a live dialogue with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

The American congressman made fun of Biden. Goetz stressed that the dialogue between the leaders of the two states “will not end like Rocky IV.”

“I don’t think Biden will win,” Goetz said.

The politician praised the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the statement of the American leader about him. According to Goetz, the head of the Kremlin responded very effectively.

US congressman condemned Biden for refusing to speak with PutinAlso, the congressman did not miss the opportunity to joke about the relationship between Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris.

“In Washington, everyone knows that every time Kamala Harris shakes hands with Joe Biden, she checks his pulse,” – said Goetz.

To have Russia as friend would have been one of the greatest historical events in the last four or five hundred years – think of all that could be accomplished. But thanks to globalism and Biden / Harris and the puppeteers behind them, we have what we have, and Russia will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Count on it.

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