The Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Represent an Even Greater Issue: American Supremacy in Economic Warfare


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In late 2019 the United States Congress initiated sanctions against the Russian pipeline project Nord Stream 2. Nord Stream 2 is currently being built through the Baltic Sea and into Germany, which will be the pipeline’s main benefactor.

What does the United States have to do with a pipeline in eastern Europe? A lot, apparently. After World War II, the United States initiated a policy unofficially titled “the world is our playground.” The United States has this idea that Russia is one of its worst enemies (which is 99% our fault, but that is a whole different issue), and any country or business that associates with Russia must be dealt with. Instead of using military action, we go with a more shady approach: economic war. Both economic warfare and physical warfare kill, just in different ways. The United States has been the main benefactor of economic warfare due to the fact that it’s currency is currently the world’s reserve currency. Therefore, we have been able to bully most of the world into going along with US economic interests (which are mostly US big business interests).

Russia currently supplies Europe with 30% of its energy. This is quite concerning to the United States and NATO, who consider Russia a direct threat to it’s new world order. The Trump Administration, with pressure from Congress, then decided to make it a lot harder for Russia to expand this economic influence by sanctioning the pipeline. Germany, however, has been desperate for a new energy source after it has crushed its energy sector in the name of “green energy.” Therefore, Germany has resisted US attempts to sabatash the pipeline, even after pressure for it to be terminated after the false accusations Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny had been poisoned by the Russian government (who is known to the Russian public as a NATO puppet, as he polled at less than 1% in the last presidential election).

Now, the Biden administration is willing to negotiate with the Russian and German governments to lift the sanctions on the pipeline if certain US demands are met. These demands include preventing Europe from becoming overly dependent on Russian natural gas and expanding European gas infrastructure into Ukraine. If Biden thinks he is going to take Putin to the table and win, he will be mistaken.

If there is anything that can be done about this situation, it can be matching US economic warfare with physical warfare. Due to the fact that economic warfare can be as deadly as physical warfare, until other countries are capable of retaliating against the United States without using military warfare, it maybe be logical to assume that sanctions coming from the United States should be treated as a declaration of war. The world is moving towards the age of economic warfare, and we should not let the United States keep the upper hand until the playing field is leveled.

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