The Pentagon Confirmed UFO Footage, So Are Aliens Real?


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The Pentagon declassified three pieces of footage showing U.S. military aircraft tracking UFOs in 2004 and 2015. So are aliens real?

Daily Caller White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom and Video Director Richie McGinniss sat down to discuss the history of UFO sightings and what this new development means. The footage in question had already been reported in the media, but this was the first confirmation of its authenticity from the U.S. military. (RELATED: Trump To Allow Distancing Guidelines To ‘Fade Out,’ But Most Will Be Included In New Reopening Instructions)

One of the pilots heard in the 2004 footage interviewed with popular podcaster Joe Rogan and detailed what he experienced as well. He claims that not only did the object move without any discernible propulsion, but it also appeared to rise out of the water.


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