The Problem With Colin Flaherty


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If you haven’t heard of Colin, he is one of many people booted from YouTube for telling unpalatable truths. His current situation is somewhat ambiguous, but his channel was removed in 2015 and again in 2018. It had a massive subscriber base. When people are kicked off YouTube it is supposed to be forever, but currently there are at least two channels in his name: one has nearly eight and a half thousand subscribers; the other has far fewer.

There are a number of other channels that appear to belong to Colin, although they don’t. Sympathisers and fellow travellers are continually uploading his videos. Colin also has a presence on BitChute, his own blog, and a website that bears his name.

As you might suspect, Colin is not politically correct; his videos deal with what he calls denial, deceit and delusion, in particular of the epidemic of black on white violence in America – the biggest lie of our generation. Clearly Colin hasn’t heard of Rape Crisis Scotland and all the other agents of the sexual grievance industry who have been pushing an even bigger lie for decades.

While he does make some good points about the media’s treatment of violence every time the perpetrator doesn’t have a white skin, he falls into an all too common trap. For the media, blacks are always victims. For Colin, they never are, even when they’re beaten to a pulp or end up dead.

The 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman garnered little sympathy from Colin. The 2014 Michael Brown shooting even less; Colin thought he deserved it. Trayvon Martin was seventeen years old. He may, stress may, have been up to no good that night in Sanford, Florida, but did he deserve to be shot dead by a self-styled neighbourhood watchman who had clearly been following him around? What would we call a man who was following a woman around in the dark?

Like Martin, Michael Brown was a thug. He deserved punishment for his real crimes. That punishment did not include being gunned down like a dog. Not for an eighteen year old.

The latest black victim paraded by the American media is Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery was said to have been out running when he was shot dead by two white men. Naturally the racial angle has been played to the hilt by the usual suspects, especially in view of the reluctance of the authorities in the Deep South to arrest his admitted killers. Was this because they were white and the victim wasn’t, or was it because one of them is a former police officer? Those au fait with the privilege money can’t buy will realise that is not even a close call.

Arbery had been seen trespassing on nearby property, a house under construction. Trespassing isn’t a capital offence, though you wouldn’t think so if you listened to Colin. His latest podcast seems to suggest that Arbery deserved it. His police apologetics in earlier videos are even more obscene.

Like David Icke, Colin Flaherty should not have been kicked off YouTube, but his over the top rhetoric and tunnel vision do little to win support for his cause from a wider public.

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