The Second Alert from Miles Guo to the World


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Image: Skagen

6/20/2021 Mr. Miles Guo’s 2nd Alert to the World on Behalf of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers’ Movement – Based on reliable intelligence, the CCP attempts to release the next round of bioweapon attack between the end of this summer and the beginning of this fall and plots to invade Taiwan when the West is approaching the truth about the virus.

§ CCP will release more infectious virus between this summer and fall to the US and Europe

§ CCP will invade Taiwan in order to interrupt the investigation into COVID-19 origin

§ CCP navy is ready to fight against US forces with a casualty ratio of 1000:1

§ CCP is registering and tracking all citizens from G7 countries. When the CCP officially declares war on Taiwan, they may be held hostage.

§ CCP has already controlled G7 countries’ water and power infrastructures, along with areas vulnerable to aerodynamic dissemination of chemical weapons. The CCP has devised plans for chemical attacks in these places by stealing technology of chemical weapons from the US military

(The artical merely represents author’s view)

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