The Trashing Of Andy Ngô


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If you wanted further proof, as if further proof were needed, of the total corruption and utter spinelessness of the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic, it is the treatment or rather the mistreatment of Andy Ngô.

In case you haven’t heard of him, he is a graduate of UCLA and a photo-journalist. A native of Portland, Oregon, he is the son of Vietnamese immigrants. If you are not of a certain age or a student of Twentieth Century history, run the phrase “boat people” through your search engine and you will perhaps understand why someone from his background is no friend of Antifa or any other outfit to the left of Ronald Reagan, whatever its rhetoric on race.

Portland, Oregon is a hotbed of left wing political activism, mostly but not exclusively Antifa. Though the moronic Jerry Nadler doesn’t believe it exists, and the gullibles taken in by its deceptive semantics and rhetoric believe it really is an anti-fascist outfit/network/ideology, the ordinary denizens of Portland might beg to differ. Since the death of George Floyd on the other side of the country in May 2020, Antifa has caused untold damage in especially Portland. This official graph will give you some idea of just how much, and if you want more than a graph, there is plenty of video on YouTube, including by Andy Ngô.

The damage caused by Antifa includes not only property but people; on June 29, 2019, Ngô himself was the victim of a vicious attack by these thugs that left him with a brain injury. The attack was filmed; four days later, he appeared on Fox News. He had clearly been in the wars, and it was only with difficulty he avoided slurring his speech. So what does the media say about him?

Here is Oregon Live’s take and comment on his recently released Unmasked:

“In his book, Ngo seeks to shift the public focus from acts of horrific and even fatal right-wing violence that flourished during the Trump administration to warn of what he sees as an even greater menace: the ranks of far-left activists whose supposed subversive and effective savagery is facilitated by liberal politicians”.

Right wing violence that flourished under Trump? This appears to be a reference to these ectoplasmic gangs of white supremacists who rioted in Minnesota, Washington DC, and numerous other places.  This flim-flam isn’t peddled simply by the media and the moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but by the wilfully blind Christopher Wray, who stepped into Jim Comey’s shoes and appears to be following his agenda.

A month after his life-threatening injury, Rolling Stone alluded to Ngô as a troll who had manipulated the media by demonising Antifa, and a right-wing provocateur as opposed to a journalist.

Others have gone further claiming that his injuries were exaggerated if not faked, and if genuine, heck, the guy deserved it. Ngô is said to have relocated to London, at least for the moment, as much for the safety of his family as for himself.

The English publication NME (formerly a newspaper but now published only on-line) took a swipe at Ngô this month after musician Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons praised his book. Again, Ngô is alluded to as a  right-wing agitator. Many more examples can be found, but it has to be said, if Ngô is any kind of agitator, he is a strange one indeed; he speaks slowly, confidently, without hysteria, pointing to facts that can be ignored or mocked, but never refuted. We ignore him at our peril, in fact with the train wreck that is the Biden Administration, it may already be too late.

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