The utopia of Democrat activism [Video]


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Parents, you are not going to want to let your kids watch this video. It brought me to tears. How can actions like this not only be allowed to continue, but rather, nurtured by the Democrat leadership of Portland and other cities where this kind of thing is going on?

There are some giveaways in this video. First, one of the young men in the beginning of the video is smoking marijuana, and is visibly high as a kite. Other people seen shortly after are also clearly under the influence of drugs, as we can see them staggering around and not walking normally. Then we get to the matter of this man whose friend – a woman – is brutally attacked and thrown to the street while the man is accosted. There apparently is something wrong with the man, too, for he drove away and crashed into a tree. This needs to be explained.

But then, the worst of it. The man is beaten, bleeding, rendered unconscious with serious injuries, according to the report. He is now in the hospital.

But of the thugs that did this, I have only one thing to say, and not very suitable for print, so I will tone down the language. I am sure many people will agree:

You had better be aware. The more of us that see this, the greater the danger to yourself becomes. Your demonstrations have gotten the police protection for regular, law-abiding citizens stripped away. But do not think that we will stand by and let you continue in your brazen animalistic lawlessness. People who act like you are deserve removal. Removal from the streets; removal from society, and maybe even removal from this earth.

This clear display of lawlessness is what liberals wish for the rest of the nation. It was a surprise to see how many people in this video were clearly inebriated, drunk, high, something. And letting them be this way is crime enough. Letting them act as they are is stacking offense upon offense.

I pray that it is stopped. This is the civil war right here, and it is indeed pathetic as I have reported it would be. But as pathetic as it is, the innocent are hurt and killed just the same. The thing that makes it so outrageously offensive is the lack of any real cause. All the riots are predicated on lies about police brutality that never happens in almost all cases where it is reported. The ability of leftists to spin a narrative like this is costing people’s lives.

Please keep in mind that the presumptive leaders of these leftists are named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Does anyone seriously think that these two would actually stop this kind of thing?

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