This Lockdown Reaffirms American Democracy is Dead


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When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the following lockdown and shutting down of our economy was pretty much unanimous. Our politicians, media, and even the people all assumed that this was the best response. The economic consequences were ignored. To us, we believed a pandemic was far worse than economic fallout. Because we had never faced a pandemic like this before, our country responded in the worst way: through fear. It was cheered on by the politicians and the media, all whom had a lot to gain by the chaos that would ensue. As with any crisis, media ratings would go through the roof. Trends around the world indicate incumbent politicians almost always see their approval spike during a pandemic.

As usual, the people were fooled once again. The elite used their massive influence to fool the minds of the American people. This trend continues to reinforce that Democracy in America once again has no value. Whether it’s a democracy or a dictatorship, the elite will continue to govern.

Now, to the factual side of this situation. While the official death rate stands at roughly 2%, the actual death rate is much lower. The 2% figure comes only from the people that were tested for the Coronavirus; it takes out of consideration the people who weren’t tested or who were asymptotic. To compare, if we applied the same logic to the flu and only counted the people that were actually tested, it’s death rate would be 10% instead of 0.1%.

So then, what would the death rate of the Coronavirus be if we factored in everyone that wasn’t tested? There have been numerous studies that have put this into consideration, and they have discovered the death rate is not even close to 2%. It’s 0.1%, roughly. Does that ring a bell? Oh yeah, turns out that is the exact same death rate as of the flu.

There’s more. What also has to be put into consideration is the fact that the actual amount of Coronavirus deaths are being manipulated as well. The death count you hear on the news includes everyone that died with the Coronavirus, not of the Coronavirus. For example, if someone were to contract the Coronavirus and then die in a car accent, it would be considered a Coronavirus death. By the way, they don’t do this with the flu.

Once you put that into consideration, the death rate is most likely far lower than the flu.

Is a virus with a death rate lower than the flu worth it to shut down the entire nation? The obvious answer is no. But it gets even more ridiculous.

There is no evidence that the shutdown has actually prevented the spread of the virus. A study concluded that after taking out the variables of population, density, income, and gender, found no significant difference in how quickly the virus spread in areas that have not experienced a shutdown compared to those that have.

So why then, are our hospitals filling up? Why are refrigerator trucks coming to take away dead bodies? Despite what you may have heard, our healthcare system has not imploded. Nor has Sweden or Brazil’s, who’s economies have remained open. Deaths in March were actually down compared to the past four years.

It is clear why our leaders have initiated this lockdown. It is not to save lives. It is not to save our healthcare system, our doctors, or our hospitals. It is all about power. Period.

Historians will remember this crisis as the turning point for American supremacy. As our democracy is consumed by corruption, lust, and corporate interests, China is purging corruption at every level. Russia is rebuilding it’s economy. Brazil, despite pressure by media and local governments, is remaining open. Once foreigners dump US bonds (which will be sooner than later now that the debt to GDP ration from the recent stimulus has skyrocketed), the dollar will cease to exist as the world’s reserve currency. In other words, American supremacy will be over.

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