Time Magazine comes clean, reveals shadow conspiracy behind the US election


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Time Magazine comes clean, reveals shadow conspiracy behind the US election

There WAS a color revolution in the US after all – and its architects now BOAST of how they ‘fortified’ the 2020 election https://www.rt.com/op-ed/514770-time-electiion-fortified-color-revolution/ #EU


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Roelof van Exter

The Democrats see themselves as the thrue represents of the people. Only they are the legimitizes rulers. This was the the case in the Eastern Europe peoples republics like the DDR/GDR, a one party democracy. The left in the USA behaves the same as those communists parties.


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The correct Term is: “Coup D’éta” they despise and piss on every aspects of so-called ‘Democracy‘.

The Video is Not published via YT….a coincidence? censorship? fascism?

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All the distractions orchestred by the Deep-State which is present until today on both sides of the political isle, shows to a certain degree the handwriting of Soros! Somebody had to have all the lines comming together in one place! It is definitely a ongoing “coup d’etat” going on in the USA! I seriously doubt the US-legal system could be fixed! There are scary years ahead of us – be prepared!


What pisses me off if this “Trump could never find people to…….” excuse. Well, why the f*ck not?????? I’ve said this many times and will say it again. Trump had delusions of grandeur and competence. When he rolled over on backing Flynn (not that I was such a Flynn fan) he also showed his lack of backbone. Furthermore he showed that whatever knowledge he had of what needed to be done in “the swamp” was a mile wide and an inch deep. His “genius” (God help us) didn’t extend to management and recognizing real talent and furthermore backing it. His… Read more »

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