Todays News 28th April 2020


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Todays News 28th April, 2020

British Military Wage Information War On Their Own Population./UKGov

Coronavirus is 56 to 100 times more deadly than the flu.  /Natural News

550 Globalist Bioweapons Labs scattered all over the world. #sorcha

Trump sends B52 bomber over China to target their Globalist Bioweapon Labs for them. #Sorcha

OIL PRICE GOES NEGATIVE. No more storage space as oil hits -$40 a barrel.

Facebook CEO outed as a paedophile. #Fulford

Globalists threaten more 5G radiation & electromagnetic pulse attacks.

Worldwide arrests continue of paedophiles, child traffickers & crimes against humanity.

The Globalists still trying to start WW3 between China & USA.

THE FEAR MEDIA Lose control of The People worldwide.

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC was planned 5 years ago

Every Western Government Contract is a Taxpayer Fraud.

THE VACCINATOR: Bill Gates now controls the lives of 7 billion humans

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