Too funny to ignore: MSM calls McConnell a Russian agent [Video]


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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a video is worth a thousand pictures. But when it comes to the activity of Trump-enraged Democrats, put the two together and you get something really, really special. Just watch:

Sometimes, there is not much need to write or analyze. Just watch and… there, you have it.

But, because our job is to write and analyze, we can offer a little while our viewers laugh at the video.

This new meme has been circulating across some major outlets, such as the Washington Post, in an op-ed piece written by none less than Dana Milbank. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” dubbed the Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch”, and other “reputable” (or at least large-scale) news outlets seem to be trying to run with this meme.

The most amazing thing is that, as noted in the Fox video, these writers and commentators really seem to believe what they are saying. As to why, well, perhaps there is this:

In Washington D.C., pot is legal for recreational use. In New York State (including the City), it was just decriminalized. And, we know that the wacky weed is much, much stronger than it ever used to be. We further know that some of the effects include hallucinations and the onset of schizophrenia.

So, maybe that explains it.

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