Trump roundtable in Kenosha delivers truth to delusional press [Video]


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President Trump held a roundtable presser with law enforcement professionals and the press about the developments and resolution of the riots that started a week ago in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a man with a sigificant criminal record was shot seven times for resisting the police, possibly to stop him from obtaining a knife in his van.

The mainstream media trumpeted this incident as “yet another example of police brutality”, emphasizing the fact the man was shot in the back seven times. What came out later was that Jacob Blake, the man in question, had a significant list of charges and warrants against him already and that he was known for carrying knives on his person to use against others.

However, the media didn’t want to talk about this. They wanted to emphasize the only thing that mattered to their “trigger” journalism – that Mr. Blake is black.

That was all it took to get yet another city, this time, Kenosha, a much smaller city, population 97,000, to “go Portland” in a big way, with “fiery but mostly peaceful riots” being seen on camera as news reporters from the mainstream networks made their best efforts to foment the revolution of the radical left.

However, the riots apparently are over after the National Guard got deployed to this town. Jacob Blake is paralyzed now, perhaps permanently. But at least two rioters are dead after they attacked a 17 year old young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, with intent to kill him. He, fortunately was armed and he knew what to do. His attackers are subdued; two of them permanently.

President Trump got asked this question toward the end of the townhall: “`The peaceful protests that have happened… they are calling for structural change. Mr. Blake was shot seven times in the back. Do you believe that there is a need for structural change; what is your message for those who are…[inaudible]?

And the President’s answer says it all:

Well I think that people are calling for structural change, and then you could take the people of Kenosha, that aren’t here and that you won’t see, that aren’t protesting, but they want change also: they want to see law and order. That’s the change they want – they want law and order. They want the police to be police. They want the police to do what they do better than anybody else in the world. And that’s what they want, too.

“You don’t see them marching, and you don’t see them on the streets. But what they want – they want a great police force. They want people that are going to keep them safe, where their houses aren’t broken into; where they are not raped and murdered. That’s what they want. And they are protesters too, but they don’t walk up and down the street. So, you know… just the way it is.”

Indeed. That is just the way it is. Thank God there are people that still recognize that fact.

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