Trump versus McConnell: House Republicans Back Trump


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Trump versus McConnell: House Republicans Back Trump

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Alexander MercourisTrumpMcConnell


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Interesting analysis by Alexander and one I find pretty convincing. McConnell has always seemed to me to be someone who’ll always go where he feels the wind is blowing and on this occasion got it badly wrong. There’s going to be a struggle for control of the Republican Party. Most congressman – like McConnell are probably also looking mainly to their own interests, but rapidly have taken a different view. I’ve always had my doubts on Trump and have believed the main threat was from what he represented rather than him. I hope a more effective and less egocentric successor… Read more »

John Burns

Any Republican reps who show such eager aim to impeach Trump will need to consider the security of their seats in 4 years time when 75,000,000 disenchanted and ANGRY Republican voters are called to the polls to reinstate a right wing party again. The likelihood of masses of supporters turning their backs on the 2024 candidate is sure to amount to a minimum 15 – 30% of the base.

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