Tucker shows murder charge nonsense in Rayshard killing [Video]


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The (white) officer who shot and killed (black) Rayshard Brooks is now up on murder charges for shooting and killing him. But this charge is completely unfounded. Tucker Carlson showed a much fuller account of the situation, and when viewed in context, it becomes immediately clear how utterly politically charged the murder rap is, as well as the extreme tribalism and racism on display – not that of the police officer who killed Rayshard, but of the black liberals who run the government in Atlanta. Keep in mind that this is a tragedy for Rayshard, but that he brought that tragedy on himself by fighting the police. This is extremely straightforward and ought to give a very clear example of how the issue at hand is definitely not unfair treatment of black people by white police officers in the United States, but rather, radical leftism.

The tragedy goes in several directions. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Rayshard Brooks is dead. But he is dead because he acted violently, and there is a good chance that this man, who had a criminal record already, somehow saw this as a “breakaway moment” in the the spirit of many rap songs that bitterly excoriate “bad white cops.” That, even though this violence is dangerous and in this case, deadly.
  2. Rayshard’s wife and daughters are now without a father. – Who can account for the damage this has already caused and will cause? Yet, the question remains – why would Mr. Brooks not think of this himself before taking his own life in his hands and fighting the police?
  3. The police officer and his family are now in the mess. Officer Garrett Rolfe was being fired upon by Brooks with a Taser. While a Taser is not deadly as a gun is, it doesn’t matter. (In Georgia law, a Taser IS considered a deadly weapon. So…) If you attack a cop like that, he is going to defend himself. But the politicization of this situation is presently being carried out with great force. While it is not likely that the officer is actually going to get convicted of murder, he surely is going to suffer through incarceration, the trial, the press, the insanity of the left using his situation to try to destroy others – This poor man may end up seriously considering suicide for doing what he was trained to do. And indeed, in the video, there is nothing that shows Officer Rolfe had any animus towards Mr. Brooks at all.
  4. The riots and demonstrations acquire extra fuel. These riots are completely predicated on the fantasy that all white cops have it in for black people. This is completely and verifiably false, but it remains the narrative that the news media push and many Americans who refuse to think for themselves believe, and that without question.

No matter what ‘reforms’ take place, the leftist activists driving this – the Soros-funded, Clinton Foundation supported efforts – will not stop here. The American government is so badly weakened in its resolve by decades of self-destruction, selling out the nation’s Constitution, Christian roots for nanny state operations that the only real way to correct this is a grassroots movement from the people of the United States taking action.

In fact, this is reportedly happening. Reports abound about how armed private citizens are guarding monuments and statues that might be targeted for “historical whitewashing” pull downs by angry leftists. Truckers are reported to be refusing to deliver goods to left-leaning cities, and a group of bikers has amassed at least 1,000 volunteers (with 15,000 more interested) in retaking the seven blocks of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district and giving the police department of that city their station back. The set date for this is July 4th, 2020, if the CHAZ / CHOP / name du jour group don’t give up before then.

And they may. They are out of coffee and since the district does not produce any food, it has to rely on donations from the outside. Who will keep this farce running that long?

These days, it is hard to know.

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