Turkish forces escalate their bombing. Displacement and clashes in “Manbij”, northeast of Aleppo.


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The Turkish forces and their loyal factions renewed their military escalation towards the northern outskirts of the “Manbij” area in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

Local sources said that since dawn yesterday, the Turkish forces bombed the villages of “Al-Jat”, “Al-Hawsaria”, “Al-Sayada”, “Al-Dandania”, “Al-Jamousiya” and “Al-Farat” in the countryside of Manbij, with missiles, which resulted in extensive material damage to houses and civilian property and fires broke out in agricultural lands.

The sources added that the militants of the “Manbij Military Council” of the “SDF” responded with shelling targeting the deployment sites of the Turkish forces, and clashes erupted between the two sides at the contact lines amid an exchange of accusations of carrying out infiltration attempts, while the sources confirmed that the confrontations led to the killing of / 3 of the militants Ankara Factions.

The Turkish forces also bombed the villages of “Asaliya”, “Bamousiya”, “Arab Hassan”, “Muhsinli”, “Awn Dadat”, “Tokhar the Great” and “Tokhar al-Saghir”, and the intense bombing led to extensive material damage, which prompted a number of residents To leave their homes and head towards the city center of “Manbij”.

In turn, the “Manbij Military Council” of the “SDF” said that the council responded by targeting the Turkish base in the village of “Yashli”, and achieved confirmed casualties, noting that its clashes with the “Ankara factions” led to the killing of one of the faction members and the injury of 3 / others. Injuries and the burning of two cars of the factions, in light of the escalation of tension on the northern front of the city of “Manbij”.

This morning, Wednesday, the Turkish forces stationed in the village of “Qirata” targeted the village of “Al-Hoshariya” in the “Manbij” countryside, with mortar shells, continuing the military escalation in the area.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish forces have been constantly violating the ceasefire regime stipulated in the Sochi Agreement since 2018, sticking to the pretext of the presence of SDF militants in the region, to justify their expansion efforts in northern Syria.

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