Turkish intelligence proposes to dissolve the terrorist Organization “Ahrar al-Sham movement”


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The Turkish intelligence has interfered in the split between the two sides of “Ahrar al-Sham” takfiri movement, and proposed to dissolve the movement. The current leader of Ahrar Al-Sham, “Jaber Ali Pasha,” and its former leader, “Hassan Soufan,” who was leading a rebellion against the current leadership, were  summoned to “Gaziantep” and met with Turkish security officials.

Turkey submitted a settlement proposal between “Ali Pasha” and “Soufan” stipulating that the current movement is dissolved and a new leadership council will be formed. This council consists of / 6 / members, Ali Pasha selects half of them and Soufan selects the other half, in addition to dissolving the so-called “Shura Council” and the Aforementioned leadership council selects a new leader.

Turkish intelligence gave the two sides two days to respond. The initial signs indicate that they both reject the proposal, but Turkish officials asked them, in case they agree, to return to “Turkey” next Saturday to conclude the agreement.

Meanwhile, tensions continued on the ground due to the split between the two sides, especially after “Al-Nusra” had intervened in favor of “Soufan” and the leader “Abu Al-Munzir”, as sources reported that the members of “Al-Nusra” expelled members of Ahrar Al-Sham affiliated with “Ali Pasha” from / 4 / headquarters in “Al-Foua” town, Idlib northern countryside, and handed them over to fighters affiliated with “Soufan”.

This dispute began when Ali Pasha dismissed the leader, Abu al-Munzir. However, the latter rejected the decision and declared a rebellion that “Soufan” supported, who in turn received support from the “Al-Nusra” since he is close to its leader, Abu Muhammad al-Julani.‌‌

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