Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship


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Despot @Jack Twit has decided that his political viewpoint is truth.  Is this an attempt to further divide the country by attacking Trump and his voters voices?  He says that this is just the start of his attack to close down conservative views.  He says it will be much wider and go on for much longer as his controls ramp up!

Stopping a political group from expressing themselves to stop their beliefs and ideas being heard by others is intolerance, divisive, against free speech, unjust, and limiting.   Where will it stop?

It is very sad that @Jack wishes to limit ideas and debate, but maybe he is happy in his own echo chamber!  Growth comes from being open and remaining willing to listen to others who have differing views.  Take Action to ensure you get a rich, diverse, and intellectual experience, join another platform, vote with your feet and close your account account, if you stay on Twitter you will turn into a Twit .  You will make @Jack very happy as he will only be able to hear his own voice!

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