UK: 2 Years Prison for Selling Food – No Vax, No Food (part 2)


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UK: 2 Years Prison for Selling Food – No Vax, No Food (part 2)

The UK is ready to throw you in jail for selling food, and issuing warnings about food being dirty and dangerous!  This complements the news yesterday about potentially requiring proof of COVID vaccination just to enter a grocery stores.  Access to food is rapidly being restricted, and you must start to grow and save your own food immediately.


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At-home food selling concerning, says Food Standards Agency

There has been a “concerning” rise in food businesses operating out of people’s homes during lockdown, according to the food safety watchdog. Many of them are selling food through social media, putting further pressure on a hygiene inspection system that is under strain because of the crisis. And other experts are also worried.




“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

– Henry Kissinger

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