UK Trotskyites Not Impressed With Biden And Harris


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If you haven’t heard of the Socialist Workers Party, the UK version, it was founded in 1962 as the International Socialists. It remains to be seen how many actual workers  belong to it, because like most organisations of this nature, its primary attraction is for the “intellectuals”. Although it has a heavy Jewish membership and was founded by one, it is no friend of the State of Israel. And while it doesn’t subscribe entirely to the ludicrous theory of intersectionality, Israel is seen as an outpost of American Imperialism. The police are always wrong even when they are right, and women are always victims.

The SWP’s hero is Leon Trotsky (pictured), who after the successful Bolshevik Revolution became joint leader in reality if not in name with Lenin and Stalin. In August 1918, Lenin was shot by Fanny Kaplan, who was executed for her troubles.

Although he survived the assassination attempt, Lenin was very impaired, but he still managed to reintroduce capitalism to the fledgling Soviet Union – the New Economic Policy. He died in January 1924, and the far more pragmatic Stalin assumed the leadership booting Trotsky out. In August 1940, Trotsky was assassinated by a Stalinist agent in Mexico.

While Stalin strove for “socialism in one country” – an attainable if undesirable goal – Trotsky wanted world revolution, which has no chance of succeeding, certainly not on behalf of the “workers”. The SWP preaches Trotsky’s ludicrous gospel, but as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and on the ascent of Biden, its correspondent Sophie Squire took a swipe at the new administration.

Another article claims Kamala Harris is a mixed blessing and that along with Biden she will attempt to muzzle the left.

In an earlier article, while blaming the “racist, sexist, pro-rich” Trump for his disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the time-serving Charlie Kimber says Biden isn’t the answer. He takes at face value the rigged election while suggesting Biden will rule in favour of “imperialism and the corporate establishment”.

He may just be right there, but if Trump was so bad, why didn’t he start any new wars? Why did he attempt to reign in US involvement in distant lands?

When Trump visited Britain, the SWP was in the forefront of protesting against him; should Biden ever visit these shores, he can expect an equally rough ride, even if the comrades don’t entirely understand what is really happening.

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