Unfit To Print Episode 19: CNN’s Don Lemon Defames Trump Supporters As Bigots


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Another week, another example of an establishment media host speaking ill of supporters of President Donald Trump.

This time, it was CNN’s Don Lemon who let his bias flag fly. While Lemon was supposed to be serving as a fair moderator during the Democratic debates this week, he tossed a big anti-Trump softball to the 2020 candidates. (RELATED: Trump Fires Back At Don Lemon Over Questions Implying Trump Is Racist)


You all have been waiting for it, and host Amber Athey is finally giving her uncensored take on Trump’s comments about Baltimore. As a Maryland native, she has a lot to say on the subject and isn’t holding back on the crime, trash and rat problem in “Charm City.”


Finally, this week’s episode ends with a rare bit of praise for the Associated Press, which conducted a really good fact check on the Democrats during this week’s debate.


Thanks for watching, and make sure you check out the previous episodes of the podcast until Amber gets back from vacation!

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