US Army recruit via Twitter and even Snapchat!


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In Central Florida, military recruitment offices are closed. Instead, branches of the military are now setting up different ways to connect with potential recruits, either on the phone or via apps such as Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

The one concern some recruits have with that is sharing their private information, such as their Social Security number and birth certificate, electronically. But the Army says it has safe ways to ensure a recruit’s privacy.

The Army also says if you are a high school senior, now is the time to reach out if interested in joining the military.

“I highly recommend getting with a recruiter,” said Army recruiter Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Way. “Getting face-to-face with a recruiter and just doing an interview — there is no commitment to asking questions and things like that.”

According to the U.S. Army, at recruiting offices on average across Central and Southwest Florida, a total of 3,100 new recruits sign up to enlist in the Army. Almost 750 are recruited from the metro Orlando area annually. ​

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