US Blaming Iran For Bombings In Gulf Of Oman


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The United States is blaming Iran for two attacks on oil tankers within the Gulf of Oman the previous day. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has denied these accusations and accused the U.S. of posing “a excessive threat to steadiness within the Center East.”

The Iranian president, on the opposite hand, has previously threatened to chop again off the Gulf of Oman to the United States and its allies. (RELATED: Iran Stepping Again After Preparing To Assault Us Forces)

President Trump replied to Rouhani’s commentary on “Fox and Pals” this morning, announcing, “Iran did assemble it, and you know they did it since you observed the boat,” in reference to photos launched by the Navy that reportedly reveals Iranian servicemen inserting off an unexploded mine.

Trump applied tariffs against Iran again in April and accused the nation in March of getting a “navy-industrial advanced,” announcing, “Effectively, I’m the one which talks about these wars which may maybe perhaps be 19 years … you assemble maintain a navy-industrial advanced. They assemble love war. , in Syria, with the caliphate, so I wipe out 100% of the caliphate.”

Tune in to uncover extra about what’s going on between the U.S. and Iran.

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