US Condemns CCP Over ‘Unwarranted Oppression’ Hong Kong


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The U.S. State Department published a statement Friday along with other members of the G7 condemning China’s actions against Hong Kong.

The signatories of the statement said they have “grave concerns” that China’s actions “erode democratic elements of the electoral system in Hong Kong.”

The Chinese (top) and Hong Kong flags flutter in Hong Kong on December 5, 2020. Peter Parks. Getty.

“Such a decision strongly indicates that the authorities in mainland China are determined to eliminate dissenting voices and opinions in Hong Kong,” the statement said.

The statement referred to the mass arrests of pro-democracy activists and the politicians that suppressed “political pluralism” and undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy. (RELATED: Blinken Condemns Mass Arrest Of Pro-Democracy Activists In Hong Kong)

The State Department also condemned the Chinese government for inhibiting universal suffrage and freedom of speech in Hong Kong, which is a “right guaranteed in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.” They also requested China abide by the Sino-British Joint Declaration, restore confidence in Hong Kong’s political institutions and end “unwarranted oppression” in Hong Kong.

The statement was released just over a week after Secretary of State Tony Blinken said China represents “the biggest geopolitical test of the 21st century.” In that same speech, Blinken also condemned China for human rights abuses and genocide in Xinjiang.

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