Video: AOC is INSANE


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Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus:

During a town hall meeting in New York, a seemingly lunatic eco-armageddon woman had a hysterical rant about how reducing CO2 isn’t enough, how eating dead people isn’t enough [citing a Swedish scientist], that “bombing Russia” [to kill off people] is not enough to save the planet, and that the Green New Deal is great, but that people should start eating babies. When I saw this video first [via Paul Watson], I thought this girl has got to be trolling AOC and everyone else there. AOC completely fell for it. Didn’t disavow a thing of the lunacy heard. See the video and judge for yourselves.

The woman who trolled so brilliantly belongs to the LaRouche Political Action Committee, a climate skeptic, anti-war, pro-Belt & Road organization [that supports the multipolar world system]. If someone in the audience had said, we need to deport illegals, or had shouted lock her up, or make America great again, or bomb African countries, AOC would have immediately repudiated that person. The room would have reacted too, and the person saying such things would have been forcefully escorted out. But nothing of the sort happened here. Nobody in the room had a negative reaction to what the troll proposed. Sarcastic laughter would have sufficed. More so, AOC appeared to give tacit approval to these mad suggestions by saying “there are a lot of solutions to pursue” against climate change. This is how normalized mental illness looks like. To quote Marcus Aurelius, the purpose of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape the ranks of the insane.

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