Video Shows Father-Son Duo Saving Moose Trapped In Mud


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A father and son from New Brunswick, Canada saved a moose that was trapped in mud June 18.

“I’m assuming just from the heat that we’ve had that she was going for water and ended up getting stuck in the mud,” Shawn Matheson told CTV News. He said that he encountered the animal while fishing with his girlfriend and returned the next day with his father to help free the animal. (RELATED: Video Shows Man Throwing Firework At Sleeping Homeless Person)

“I had a cooler there with a plastic container and so I took that out and we filled that full of river water there, and realized she started drinking it, and the more she drank, the more she seemed to come to,” Richard Matheson, Shawn’s father, told CTV News. “I figured we probably gave her 12 maybe 14 gallons of water.”

Shawn and Richard Matheson supposedly used shovels, straps and an electric winch to pull the possibly 600-pound animal out of the mud, per CTV News. The duo said that the moose had been stuck for “three or four days” before they arrived. They also said that they fed the moose lily pads and covered it in cool mud to shield it from warmer temperatures.

“We were out of the woods by 8 o’clock,” Shawn said to CTV News, “Friday we went back to check the area to see if she was in the area and she was gone.” Richard Matheson said the experience was “once-in-a-lifetime.”

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