Video Shows New York Couples Having Sex In Public


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A couple in New York City and a couple in Brooklyn were caught on camera having sex in public.

The first couple were caught on camera having sex in a NYC subway station by an essential worker. “Yeah I don’t care,” said the worker in the video. “That shit’s like Pornhub to me.” 

WARNING: Graphic video.

I regret to report, I have recieved yet another public sex video from #NYC, this one is from Brooklyn. Enjoy. ????‍♂️

— GrantB911 (@GrantB911) May 20, 2020

The worker then pans the camera onto himself wearing a facemask while telling viewers that the man ejaculated into the woman. “This New York City you see everything, ya heard?” he said, laughing. (RELATED: ‘Mask On, Clothes Off’: Strip Club Reopens With Coronavirus Party)

The second video shows two people riding on bicycles in a park. The couple is against the railing as they pass. The man stops to talk to the couple and the woman says, “Shut the f*** up keep going. He’s almost done.”

The man then tells them to “get a room,” to which the woman responds “Yo shut the f*** up. Why don’t you f***ing kill your f***ing dad you little b****.”

The police can be seen in the background of the video.

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