VIRGINIA ROBERTS — The Lies Grow With Every Retelling


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A major problem detectives often have when investigating serious crimes is that victims will exaggerate, embellish, or even lie outright. Of course, some victims are not really victims at all. Jussie Smollett springs at once to mind, but even genuine victims cannot always be trusted. A classic example of this happened at Bolton, Lancashire, in October 2013.  A young woman told police she had been raped; her attacker then ran off with her handbag and phone.

Luke Entwistle was arrested and charged with rape, but before the jury could hear the first witness, the rape charge was dropped. Entwistle was given a six month sentence for theft, but walked free because of the time he had spent on remand. What actually happened was that he had picked up this young woman in a local bar, they had then got to the local churchyard and had sex – as you would do – and afterwards, he walked off or more likely ran off with her handbag. Although false allegations of rape should never be condoned, one can only sympathise with this young woman who obviously felt used and humiliated.

Another young woman who allowed herself to be used and was rewarded handsomely for it is the former Virginia Roberts. Her allegations have been discussed here previously, extensively in the Daily Mail including the on-line version, and in many other places. Sadly, few people have cast a critical eye over her claims, and the BBC which grilled Prince Andrew didn’t ask her a single hard question.

The latest instalment of the life and times of poor Virginia was published by the Mail Online Saturday night, this time related by a Florida attorney who specialises in civil cases, including allegations of a sexual nature.

There are clearly many unanswered questions relating to the odious Jeffrey Epstein, from his apparent suicide to how he was given such a sweetheart deal for paying underage girls for sexual services, but there is no mystery about his relationship with Virginia Roberts.

In the aforementioned article, which is part book review, Bradley Edwards alludes to Roberts as a “striking 16-year-old with drive and determination to improve herself”. She was certainly physically attractive, even in 2011 when the associated photograph was taken. Talking of photographs, if you are one of the few people on Earth who hasn’t seen it, take a long, hard look at the photograph above and ask yourself if the smiling teenager captured there is a “sex slave” as Edwards describes her and as she has the temerity to describe herself.

Edwards continues with some information many people will not have heard, namely that Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t the first man for whom she performed sexual services:

“As a teenager, her parents had put her in a home for troubled girls but she ran away to Miami. There, she had been groomed by a man almost 50 years her senior who was running a prostitution racket.”

While it is now rightly accepted that an underage girl who engages in this type of activity is a victim rather than a prostitute, one is reminded of that old saying by Oscar Wilde, suitably adapted: to be groomed once by a sexual predator is unfortunate; to be so groomed a second time shows a distinct lack of character.

When she met Epstein she was still underage in Florida, but not in the UK, and when she had sex with Prince Andrew – if she did – she was over the age of consent in the UK. She was not sexually abused by Andrew, she was not “trafficked” by Epstein, period. Here is what Mr Edwards says:

“She had been to his house in New York…his ranch in New Mexico…his apartment in Paris, and his private island in the US Virgin Islands, Little Saint James…She had travelled the world with Epstein and was a true insider with detailed knowledge of the structure of his organisation.”

That’s right, Brad, she was a true insider, so true and trusted that she even recruited other girls for him, girls who unlike her would have been underage in Britain as well as Florida, or didn’t she tell you that? She should have, she told the rest of the world, which begs the question why is this prostitute and procurer of the young being treated like some kind of heroine instead of the child sex trafficker she was?

The apologetics continue:

“At the age of 19, when she had been involved in the sex cult for over two years, Epstein and Maxwell came up with a proposal that turned her stomach: they wanted her to carry his baby.”

Aged 19 is again over the age of consent, and she was still working for Epstein. Virginia Giuffre said nothing about this conversation in her BBC interview, which begs the question did it really happen?

Next, we are told Virginia had her chance to escape during a trip to Thailand. How many sex slaves are sent to the other side of the world alone at the behest of Massa? It would be interesting to hear what Simone Sanders, Melissa Harris-Perry or some of the other race-hustlers from American TV make of this type of “slavery”.

“Virginia recognised her chance to escape. She went into town and met a man from Australia who fell in love with her and promised to take care of her.”

Read she met her future husband, a man who had so little self-esteem that he married a prostitute.

“She hid in Australia for nearly ten years, during which time she had three children.”

Hid? Unreal. She made a new life for herself, putting her sordid past behind her, for which she should be given some credit, but now, after smelling money, she is back with a vengeance.

What of the lady herself? She hasn’t said much of late, but more is anticipated shortly, and doubtless during her next TV appearance she will again bring that photograph of Prince Andrew with her, not only a prince but a soldier who served his country, and continues to do so as a civilian, be it noted. Meanwhile, she is still pushing her charity on Twitter – a charity that was founded as long ago as 2015, and obviously begins at home – and the otherwise loveable rogue Shaun Attwood is still in her corner.

It may be though that she has already overstepped the mark by making outrageous claims against veteran attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz among others. Although to date the media has given her a free pass on all her claims, at some point she is going to have to either put up or shut up. If she does the latter she will no doubt slink off to the Australian Outback where she should have remained after walking out on her odious employer.

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