Wall Street Is Trying To Get A Piece Of Congress’s ‘Small Business’ Bailout


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Daily Caller Video Director Richie McGinniss and White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom sat down to talk about Wall Street’s new push to be included in Congress’s “small business” relief bill.

Wall St. lobbiests started making the push earlier this week, and they’ve found some traction in Washington, D.C. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged President Donald Trump’s administration to apply the bailout funds to tech startups in California, many of which are owned by large Wall St. corporations. (RELATED: Dr. Fauci Receives Security Detail Amid Threats)

The original intent of the legislation was to tide over companies with fewer than 500 employees during coronavirus lockdown, which has been extended another 30 days to the end of April. (RELATED: Senators’ Letter Stirs Mystery Over Four Classified Footnotes In IG Report)

Should big business get a cut?


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