Washington DC Under Martial Law.


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Washington DC Under Martial Law.

FEMA is NOT taking over the USA.

It is another arm of The Executive Government.

What the FEMA Act actually does is give the President the following powers.

Trump has made it VERY clear that for the 1st time in US History, all 50 States and Territories have declared a State of Emergency and therefore,

Under the Constitution & the National Emergencies Act, the President has total authority over the States. Hamilton’s Federalist Paper #23 addressed to the citizens of NY from 1787 that explains why a President needs total power during emergencies.

In Chapter 29, national security demanded that the central government have the power to regulate the state militias and command their services in times of invasion or insurrection.

Uniformity in the organization and discipline of the militias would greatly increase their proficiency on the field of battle.

The states would appoint the officers of their militias and have the authority of training such forces “according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.” There was no danger to be apprehended to the political rights and civil liberties of the American people by such federal “general superintendence” of the militias.

The Deep State are dying and they are throwing everything they can.

Everyone needs to get out of the 3D spell you are under, The World is about to change.

This is why we are indoors.

Things like Vaccines and Chips – Not Happening. The W.H.O have been defunded. Gates, Soros, Fauci, Birx etc are being removed from existence. You know Barron Trump was effected by a Vaccine.

POTUS is dead against them so is Putin and Xi.

There’s is 2 versions of 5G,

Chinese Huawei 5G is poisonous.

US version adopts TESLA technology CovFefe Magnets.

Once GESARA activates, the World will be using this version.

And the FEMA crap being spun.

We have the 3 World Powers.

These leaders right now are all allied against the NWO Deep State.

Also Kim Jong Un and Abe.

President Xi of China has been fighting the Deep State in China also especially in Wuhan.

Don’t be scared of what is happening,

It is all part of NESAR/GESARA


More Info:

Trump Orders Martial Law Readiness For US Capitol After China Suffers Worse Economic Collapse In 44 Years


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